Sharescope: In my opinion the best charting package available

Fixed Odds My favorite fixed odds bookie

There’s tons of other free trading books and resources are in the members area. You can get a password to access it if you download my free trading system.

Bonus bagging

This is a system that I started using in 2013. The beauty of it is it’s totally 100% risk free and on average your first month’s profits will be around £1200 after which they drop to around £500/£1000. All the odds are worked for you and the guy running it is an absolute gem.  So let’s be conservative and say you make an extra £500 every month Tax Free, it’s a brilliant and easy way to boost your income.  Also a small bank is all you need to get started and it only costs £27.00 you do the maths… You can get it here

Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is like bonus bagging only nuclear charged. If you want to make totally risk free profits every day then this is for you. Seriously… you can easily make £20 a day doing this. That’s £600 a month tax free you’ll be better off every month. Highly recommended. Get it here

Accumulator Generator

This little gem of a system can churn out regular profits from using the bookmakers accumulator bonuses. Great and risk free. You can read my detailed review of it here.