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Spread Betting Course

My new spread betting course is almost ready to launch. I’m really excited about it, as is my partner Chris. I have been finishing off the last few bits of editing and have been creating and writing a sales page. I’m not really a marketer, but I found a useful sales copy tool here and […]

Long Term Trader or Short Term Trader – What are You?

Trading the financial markets can be full of pitfalls and hurdles. So many conflicting theories and different advice to consider… and that’s before you have even opened a single trade. However, one key that can help you step into the wealth that trading can offer is discovering and accepting what type of trader you are […]

Bitcoin trading

Crazy Markets New strategies and Bitcoin

Volatility in the markets has been bonkers over the last couple of weeks. Everything that shouldn’t happen, seemed to happened for some traders. On the other side of the coin, some of the volatility has been a bonus to many. My new German 30 strategy that is included in my new trading course has made […]