My personal Best Films about the Stock Market

Best films about the stock market

Considering how much goes on, in and around the stock market its surprising that there are not far more films about it. Fortunately the best films about the stock market tend to become cults that are enjoyed for years after their release.
Here’s my personal list of the…

Best films about the Stock Market


Trading Places: 

Probably the best film Eddie Murphy ever made. Truly an original masterpiece… It’s actually a reminder that Americans used to be able to write comedy… what happened?

Anyway, that was a film that you could say was the right time right place. I remember seeing it when it first came out on video and not really understanding it. After I saw it again in my 20s I actually got it. Hard to believe it came out 33 years ago.

Wall Street:

Another perfectly timed stock market mega piece. Michael Douglas is awesome in this. Right when the word Yuppie was on everyone’s lips in the UK Wall Street was released. Greed is good, what a line… but the film goes much deeper than one liners.

A film about morales, possessions, and a world of excess were anything can be bought. and profit is everything at any cost. reminds me of how true the saying is that pigs get slaughtered on Wall Street. Great film.


Rogue Trader:

The only brit flick on the list… Ewen McGregor plays Nick Leesson , the budding private banker and investment manager that manages to bring down Barings Bank.

It’s told from Nick Lessons angle and lacks a little bit of the reality of which my other favourites have, but being as it was the UK’s true scandal it had to go on the list.

If ever you needed proof that doubling up [martingale] is a bad idea if you haven’t got an exit strategy, watch this film. Just proves the point that if you hire monkeys you’ll get peanuts.


The Wolf of Wall Street:

Wow… what a shock to the system this was. My favourite film of 2013 and with good reason.

If Wall Street had rock stars it was this lot. Nothing but charlatans really, but again proving the point that it’s just dog eat dog when it comes to turning a profit as a stockbroker.

Leonardo Di Caprio plays the part of Jordan Belfort fantastically… this is a true story but it’s the funniest film to come out of america since… Oh yes, trading places.  absolutely a must see.


Boiler Room:

In a way this film is like a hybrid of Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street. Incredibly realistic and really gives a vivid picture of what it must have been like as a broker on Wall Street in the day.

If you haven’t seen it you’ll understand when you do. Ferraris, booze, drugs, infidelity and of course money… loads of it. The film gives you a clear indication that brokers are really just glorified sales men, sales men that feed of the rich or at the very least those with savings that they can’t afford to lose.

Great film, fantastically realistic.


Inside Job:

Ok this is a documentary not a movie but it truly is a brilliant depiction of how the global crash in 2008 started and snowballed. It has to be the best documentary I’ve ever seen on the financial markets and how they are fulled.

It is very sad though that so many get affected so terribly and negatively by the actions of so few, but that was the reality. The film is narrated by Mtt Damon [Jason Bourne] and it suits the mood perfectly.

You really should know what happened in the crash of 2008 so you can be wiser in the future and hopefully protect yourself. A must see on all levels.


The Big Short:

If you liked my suggestion of Inside Job then The Big Short is like the movie version of the same financial crisis… well almost. it’s the true story of four investors that saw the crisis coming and bet against the US economy.

A clear view of the big winners but also the real losers… the working class with investment properties that they eventually lose along with everything else they had.

In saying that, it’s a brilliant film that is funny in places, informative and engrossing.

Sell in May and go away

US elections

It always feels like a few days after Christmas for me when May is here and the sell in May signal is given. You know those days just after boxing day when it seems like all the build-up and excitement that led up to Christmas day is now over… anticlimactic is the word.

Ok that’s a slight over exaggeration but it does always feel like the end of something.

Sell In May

According to the trader’s almanac the average gains trading the DJ from November through until April yield 7.5% that’s a pretty good return for not doing that much apart from opening the position. This year’s profits were way over the average being closer to 12% following Vince’s lead.

Vince gave the sell signal just over a week ago and I was out of my seasonal trend trades for this year.

I personally only traded the Dow this season although the S&P and NASDAQ were both up even if only slightly. If you had taken the seasonal DJ signal, you’d be around 750 points better off after the spread.

Sell in May

Because I’m a subscriber to Vince’s service he publishes the buy and sell signals but you can easily do this on your own using the already mentioned Stock Trader’s Almanac.

I think that if I hadn’t started trading with Vince that I’d have probably taken my trading style from the almanac eventually. It isn’t a science but long term you’ll be in the money.

Talking of Vince Stanzione, he is out in New York at the moment getting a feel for the markets. Considering that the UK follows the US, where else is he going to go to check out the situation?

Anyway, he made an interesting point that Jim Rogers had said to him that a good way to get a feel for a country’s economic mood is to talk to Taxi drivers and prostitutes! The logic being that you get to assess the situation from a working class perspective. And I suppose you don’t get much more working class than… U’m, taxi drivers I suppose.

So what lies ahead in the off season? Well apparently chop in the US but whatever happens I’m out [Dow] until October.

This year I’m probably not going to be as active in the markets as I have been during the summer in previous years. No particular reason for this other than it’s going to be nice to take a step back for a change and look at some other possibilities on how to make money.

I’ll trade the odd few new trades of which I like that Vince recommends, but in general I’ll just be hanging on to my longer term trades that I have open and watch the markets go buy… pun intended.

A time for new traders

This is a good time for new traders and toe dippers to really get on with some studying and to make the most of the markets quiet time. Start swatting up today and by October you could be getting ready for the new seasonal trades.

Even if you only ever read a single chapter every day of your chosen strategy you’d soon be finished and hopefully a lot wiser. {If it’s a good book of course} it’s back to the slow and steady approach again. Bit by bit you’ll learn, not everything in one day, just keep it steady.

History repeats itself…

If you do get a chance to do some stock market research, look into the market gains and losses on presidential election years. It’s interesting reading if nothing else.

That being said… If I was going to look at any trades from now until October I’d most certainly be looking to go short.

7 Reasons to Trade Binary Options

Trade Binary options

I have some more interesting ideas at the bottom of this post regarding how you can trade binary options for daily profits. But here are some valid reasons for trying it out.

It Only Takes a Small Bank to Trade Binary Options

You won’t really get any other decent chance at entering the stock markets with this type of minimal budget. £50 is plenty, plus bonus incentives and you can place fixed odds financial bets like a pro. OK maybe not quite like a professional but you’ll certainly be taking a step forward. What’s more is that the minimum stake to trade binary options is around £2 in the UK and winnings can be Tax Free.


It’s really easy to do

Binary trading is so easy to do. Login to your account, choose your market and hit up or down for example. This is the simplest of the options you can trade. So you just decide on which way the market is going to go. The trading screen is self-explanatory and very easy to navigate

Your account is also very easy to set up and open. There is not such a stringent check prior to opening; it is in fact not much different to opening an account at the likes of Paddy Power.


Knowing your limits

Another very useful feature of trading on binary is that you always know what you stand to win or lose before placing any bets. You can see the return value and your bet amount clearly. This means that you will not get into any financial disaster when you trade binary options. If the markets or your take goes against you all you can lose is your chosen stake.


It’s super fast

Trading on binary is like supersonic speed on many of the markets compared to other trading alternatives. You can set the time to as little as 2 minutes and be out with your profit as soon as the trade finishes. So if the idea of long term trend trading like i do is not for you; binary options may offer you a good alternative.

Not all trades on binary are set in minutes though. You can still open trades that that are longer term that expire in a week or even months.


Lots of markets to choose from

When binary options first came on the scene there were mainly only indices and currency that you could bet on. Now things are changing and more markets are being added all the time. You can trade on stocks, commodities and even the volatility index which is available 24/7


Use binary for hedging

You can also make use of binary for hedging. If you have a current spread bet position open that you feel may be about to turn against you then you can open a fixed odds bet on binary in the opposite direction so that you reduce your liability on any spread bet losses.


 Mobile trading

It’s a totally reality to be able to trade on the move with binary options. Due to the nature of the platform that binary uses, you can simply login to your account anywhere that you have 3 or 4G. Binary option trading is very user friendly.


As with all trading, take care and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.  


How to trade binary options

Here’s what the trading screen looks like on 

Binary 2



Here’s how simple it is to place a bet using

Decide what market you want to trade. In our screenshot we are trading the forex [arrow 1].

Then decide what pair of currencies you want to trade from the drop down menu [arrow 2]

From there decide on how long you wish the trade to last using the drop down menu [arrow 9]

You then decide on your stake amount or change it to payout that you want [arrow 8]

Decide on what way you think the market is going to go? Higher [arrow 5] Lower [arrow 4]

Hit the purchase button [arrow 5]

You will then see a view button where you can watch the outcome live…

Binary trade

What Strategy to trade Binary Options

There is no way there is a one strategy suits all. Not in any trading.

I have been testing various strategies over the last few weeks as I get so many requests regarding day trading systems that work.

I’ve had many systems sent to me over the years. Some are just so complicated it’s ridiculous. Others are ripped of from other sellers. Some that have merit I still have.

I’m going to keep testing my own strategies for now though. Because if I find something that really works and I have faith in it, you’ll know it’s worth a try.

As far as you can go regarding a system to use, Visual ballistics is as good as any. If you are using 2 minute trades, just watch the chart. If there are higher highs over 1 minute buy higher. If there are lower lows over 1 minute buy lower. It’s miniscule trend trading. Seriously, you’ll be surprised at your win rate.

Here is another strategy that many newbies opt for…

You need to use minute charts with this strategy so try volatility index.

You first identify the trend. You then place three bets all of the same stake 10 seconds apart from one another and all on the same market.

So you place your first bet, 10 seconds later you place the second bet, 10 seconds later you place the third and final bet. Don’t fret over the 10 seconds gap in placing the trades, as close to that as possible

I have been practicing this and there is some merit to it and I did win more than I lost.

The problem is that I like to know the theory behind my trading strategies. But I don’t on this.  It’s like hedging in a way. You can win all 3, win 2 and still make a profit. Or you can lose 2 and make a small loss or lose 3 for a total loss.

Really simple… but as said, have a try and see how you get on. Just use 1 or 2 quid stakes.

I’ll keep testing an hour a day and I’ll let you know my results. I had just over £50 in my binary account when I started contemplating the possibilities, so let’s see if any of these trading ideas work.

binary 3 10 seconds

Little Acorns Profits Update

Just a quick update on the Little Acorns profit and loss for the last couple of months.

March – April produced 3.1 points profit from 28 selections.

April – May produced 4.3 points from 20 selections.

This gives me a new points stake of  3.83

So chipping away. But a profit is a profit.


Little Acorns profits

I’ve started to collect more data from the races like type of race and number of runners. I may start to add current form. Hopefully over the years some sort of pattern might emerge that can help improve profits even further.

Also I have started using the 2 steps back strategy (last few weeks) for staking as apparently is the most profitable staking plan to use. It looks promising.

If you haven’t got a copy of little acorns yet you can get it here

Little Acorns Profits Update

3/10/2016Sean Ban1.82Winner
3/12/2016Kylemore Lough1.79LSandown
3/14/2016Clondaw Cian1.7WinnerPlumpton
Agincourt Reef1.74WinnerPlumpton
3/16/2016Boy In A Bentley1.78WinnerBangor-on-Dee
Giovanni Di Bicci1.89LKempton
3/19/2016Treaty Girl1.84LFontwell Park
Always Resolute1.69WinnerNewcastle
3/22/2016Ticking Away1.89LSouthwell
3/23/2016Drumlee Sunset1.76LWarwick
Havisham1.7WinnerKempton Park
3/29/2016My Little Cracker1.69LSouthwell
3/30/2016Siri1.75WinnerLingfield Park
3/31/2016Belami Des Pictons1.75LBangor-on-Dee
4/1/2016Florrie Boy1.96LNewbury
Aston Cantlow1.9WinnerUttoxeter
4/7/2016Hakam1.93WinnerChelmsford City
4/8/2016Broughtons Fancy1.98WinnerLeicester
Sterling Silva1.84LLeicester
George William1.91LWolverhampton
Magical Path1.69WinnerWolverhampton
4/13/2016Sutter County1.69LNewmarket
4/14/2016Paddy Power1.59LChelmsford City
4/16/2016Tasleet1.83LChelmsford City
September Stars1.7WinnerNottingham
4/21/2016Vieux Lille1.96LExeter
4/25/2016Combe Hay1.92WinnerSouthwell
Moonshine Ridge1.74WinnerSouthwell
Marshgate Lane1.82WinnerWolverhampton
4/27/2016Auntie Barber1.81LBrighton
4/30/2016Tomily1.67L14.2Nov SBrighton
Discoverie1.79L17.2Nov HSedgfield
5/6/2016Encore d’Or1.9L15HLingfield
Ami Desbois1.6L14.25Mdn HHexham
5/9/2016Monks Stand1.95Winner13.5Nov StakesBrighton
Valentino Boy1.92w14.4Median ASMusselburgh

Little acorns profits

A day trading system


A Day Trading System

There are hundreds of money making opportunities online to take your pick from. From blogging courses to horse racing systems and Amazon seller programs to spread betting systems. Also many day trading systems.

As we all know, some of these opportunities are total winners… others not so.

Here’s the funny thing though. When it comes to a financial trading systems how can you possibly buy a losing one?

If you were doing exactly as the system rules advised and over a reasonable time frame of use or testing it was losing you money, you could just do the opposite of the rules to make money.

Although this approach probably won’t work with longer term trend trading as they are proven and less random due to the time frame.

It is quite possible though that the idea has got potential with many of these crappy forex systems that are floating around online… or maybe not so crappy after all?

When I spoke to the author of the little acorns horse racing system, he made a very valid and intelligent point. If you tried backing the selections that his system Little Acorns produced, you’d be unable to make a long term profit.

So it gave me the idea that doing the opposite of what a losing system is suggesting could turn the same system into a profitable one.


So why won’t this strategy work with long term trend trading?

Well it might, but as mentioned, because of the long term nature of the trades. The whole idea of longer term trend trading is to smooth out volatility and reduce trading the shorter term and far more unpredictable price movements. Also it’s likely to be too tricky to realistically test.

These long term trades can last for 2,4,10 years and more. So when do you decide that the system is not profitable? After 1 year, 3, 10?

It’s just far too complicated and time consuming to consider. Also I think there will be too many variables to make it a viable option. It’s confusing me trying to think about it!


A Day Trading System

But… if you were day trading, turning a losing spread betting system into a winning one might just work, and work well with a decent staking plan.

I think you could achieve some great results over various trading time frames, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15. Or maybe even a single day trade on binary using higher or lower.


A strategy that is worth testing

I really fail to see how some of these day traders really have any edge when trading the markets in such a small time frame like 1 or 2 minutes. More to the point, are the movements that day traders are trying to trade in these minute windows even systematic at all? Are the movements likely to more random?

If the price movements in these minute time frames can be considered random then could you randomly pick winning trades?

The theory is there. So you could test it like this…

Let’s say that you take note of 8 minutes of price movements. At each minute interval you make a note of whether the price was higher or lower than the last price. So you will have something looking like this. H H H L H L H L [H = higher L = Lower]

From there you could then test how often that exact sequence of higher and lower repeats itself exactly and immediately in the next 8 minutes?

So you may generate something that looks like this




And so on…

The System rules may operate something like this.

Record 8 minutes of price movements every minute.


On the ninth minute you place a bet of one point using binary at minimum odds of evens that the market will be higher.

You’ll be placing the bets using the Fibonacci sequence for 8 bets.

If the first bet is lower and you lose you then place 2 points on your next selection that the price will be higher. If that loses your next bet will be 3 points that the price will be higher… and so on. You stop at a winner or after a maximum of 8 losing bets.

Winning system

It’s like random v random

If you didn’t manage to make a profit after a few months of testing you could then try it the opposite way round. So instead of copying the last 8 results you simply do the opposite. L L L H L H L H

Once you hit a winner you record another 8 minutes of price action and repeat.

One trade a day system.

You could test this out by recording the price of the DOW or FTSE as an example for eight days and then place the same or the opposite bets and monitor results.

It’s all about the odds though

As long as the odds are in your favor you could make a profit. You are just trying to make a point every sequence.


It’s pretty simple really. 

You could test this type of strategy out on anything you fancied really; football over 2.5 goals, racing favorite’s winning sequence, or even live black jack.

It is some good food for thought if you are considering day trading or even developing your own system.

So just to recap, you do the opposite of what losing systems tell you to do.

Maybe there is some smart trader/programmer that could design something that could test the theory?

Anyway… test, test, test. It’s not going to cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time every day.

Fear of failure and losing as a trader

Fear of failure

Fear is a big deal. It can save our lives when we need it most, but also it affects us negatively in situations where it needn’t.

Fear of failure is a pandemic. It ruins the hopes and dreams of so many. It sounds crazy… but is certainly very real to many might have been successful traders and entrepreneurs.

When trading the markets, fear of losing can send a trader of sound mind barmy. When a mild mannered man or woman becomes obsessed with their losing positions it’s often the begging of the end for them.

Sound game plan goes out the window faster than a Tottenham team losing at Chelsea again.

Fear of failure and losing as a trader

The fear of losing is often so great that a trader will close a trade for no other reason other than fear. Their system’s signals or strategies ignored and often only to see the position return to profit sooner rather than later.

This fear fuelled lack of discipline is so intense that any financial loss incurred is accepted almost gracefully rather than stand the pain any longer.

From my experience, if more time was spent on conditioning beginner traders emotionally there’d be far greater numbers of people investing safely and profitably in the financial markets.

Conditioning your mind for financial trading success

Just like a runner will condition their body to accomplish a certain distance or time, the same can be done (in essence) for a financial trader.

A trader should learn how to condition their minds to the inevitable losses that will occur in trading. The fear of losing money is likely induced by common mistakes, misconceptions and even the reality that you can’t afford to lose this money. If you can eliminate these mistakes and problems you can eliminate the fear.

If this is done you will be inclined to make better trading decisions which will then in turn increase profits. You will become fearless of the financial markets.

Now we do not want to confuse being fearless with losing respect. We just don’t want to feel the dread of losing more than you can afford to. Or feel the need to kick yourself hard for making irrational decisions because you were afraid.

What is fear?

Fear of failureWe have all felt it at some stage in our lives. The overwhelming panic, the shakes the adrenalin produces, the desire just to run away. Scientists call it fight or flight, yet other scientists disagree.

If you were attacked by a thug for example, this is a real and potentially dangerous situation. Your feeling of fear that you encounter here is correct. You are either going to stand and fight or run. This is fight or flight. You are in fear of being hurt and you recognise danger.

Now, the exact same feelings of fear may be induced by the fear of butterflies (Lepidopterophobia) trying to tell the person with the condition that they are being ridiculous is futile, their fear is real; as real as if they were being attacked by the thug.

The reality is that we know that the person is in no real danger from the butterfly… but they don’t. And this is the same type of fear traders feel when the markets go against them.

Realistically the financial markets are not going to physically hurt you. You are not in any danger. You just think you are.

Fear and emotions almost co-exist here and it is what has led scientists to believe that fear may have evolved into choice.

If we learn to understand that the financial markets are not to be feared and choose not to be fearful of them, and that we simply take or open the right or wrong position, then what is there to fear?

Oh yes loss of money… but that again is not going to cause us any real physical harm.  All that is going on is that somehow since we have been evolving, the fear of being attacked by a wild animal and being attacked by a butterfly has become muddled.

When you feel fear of losing money in the markets remind yourself that this is not dangerous, you are not in danger and physical harm will not be encountered.

Essentially then as there is no real fear, you should be able to overcome this false fear indicator.

When trading the markets and you are feeling fearful it is likely to be because…

  • You can’t afford to lose money
  • Your stakes are too high
  • You do not understand that trading is about winning and losing
  • You think the markets can hurt you
  • You are afraid to fail, fear of failure

All the above are recognizable, but it is Fear of failure that is the real hidden demon here. As a trader, the inability to accept that you are wrong leads many traders on to taking bigger losses. Instead of taking a loss, you are frozen in the stock market headlights praying the markets will turn back round. Fear has paralyzed you. Many traders just don’t even know it.

This hidden fear is basically a fear of failure (atychiphobia), you cannot admit you are wrong, deep down you’re scared to admit it.

Adjusting the errors mentioned above from your trading will certainly help control the fear of loss but there may also be another solution.

How to Overcome Traders Fear of Losing

Meditation benefits

I read an interesting quote on Quora recently that got me thinking.

The root of all problems is the voice you hear in your head or your thinking mind. This voice is also referred to as ego.

The only way to overcome the ego is through meditation. The scientific fact “that all matter is made of energy” has been the base of meditation since time immemorial.

Meditation allows one to experience this energy and become one with it.

Meditation has now been scientifically proven to beat depression. Since this revelation, it is true to say that meditation as a health benefit is now mainstream. So then maybe this guy’s quote on Quora carries some weight on really how to overcome fear? And overcome fear of failure itself.

I’m not going to give you a spirituality lesson here or start to preach anything to you. My point is that meditation could be the trader’s best friend; maybe everyone’s best friend?

I have meditated for some years; I totally vouch for it improving feelings, emotions and overall wellbeing. You can read more about its benefits here. I have found it stills the mind like nothing else and reduces any stresses amazingly.

In my opinion overcoming fear of the things that are really of no danger to us could give one more freedom in life. Fear of starting a business, fear of failure and fear of public speaking… they may all be manageable or even eliminated by meditation.

If you think that understanding fear is not essential to a trader’s success that’s fine, each to their own. But if you can understand my reasoning then surely meditation is worth a try? It may help you in other areas outside of trading too.

Failure is not all bad

Failure does have its place though. If the likes of Einstein or Edison never failed the world today could be an entirely different place today… So in essence failure can also breed success.


Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. Donald Trump


Best trades for new traders

women traders

Best trades for new traders

It’s a very valid question and one that merits some serious consideration. What are the best trades for new traders to start trading with?

When I first started I remember taking out UK stock trades. These were generally very slow moving but trending stocks. I did this after months of paper trading. I suppose I was and am just a bit cautious by nature.

There is no right or wrong type of trade to choose when starting out, although trading less volatile markets are what beginners should really try to start with in my opinion. Mainly because you will get a chance to evaluate your emotions and will have more time to act or shall I say react accordingly.

Volatile markets are not for the faint hearted. The wins can be big and fast but so can the losses. Remember as a newbie trader that you have the rest of your life to get rich and become a successful trader. So take it easy and don’t act like a monkey in a peanut factory when starting out.

As a general rule, look for steady trends that are above the 200 SMA. Also the lower the actual price of the stock can sometimes lead way to less volatility.

You can use other indicators like Bollinger bands that apparently detect market volatility. But I personally have only ever glanced at this theory as I found trend trading is what suited me.

It’s emotional

A key consideration is how you react to a losing position when beginning trading. It’s simply not all about choosing the right market to trade.

Choosing the correct market to trade is obviously an important decision to the new trader but it’s one that you shouldn’t get to hung up on. After all there are only 3 possible outcomes; the price goes up, down or sideways. You win, lose or draw basically.

Money management

In my opinion the biggest factor that a new trader should be considering is that they are managing stake size correctly and accordingly to the market/s you are attempting to trade.

Split your bank into percentages and use that percentage as an overall liability to the market.

So if you have a £2000 trading bank then your total liability on any single trade should not exceed 10 or 20 % or £100/200 on any one trade. You the just adjust your stake size accordingly.

One MillionHaving a sensible approach to your bank preservation like this will help you make better decisions as a trader, far better decisions than trying to decide what trade you should make that is going to go up, up and away to your first £1,000,000

Another approach to deciding on what to trade first is to trade a few stocks/markets and close out the losers. This will or should eventually become part of your overall trading strategy. So instead of choosing that one sure thing try to choose 3-6 instead.

You can also look to trade some of the more defensive stocks as these can also offer more stability if trending.

As I have mentioned before, 20% of your winning trades will make 80% of your profits. So don’t sweat it losing a few trades when you start out. Even if you only manage a few winners out of your entire decision making, you’ll still profit long term as long as you cut any losses quickly.

So just to recap on what to look for in the markets when starting out and deciding on those first few trades…

  • Choose trending markets
  • Choose less volatile markets
  • Choose more than one market to trade
  • Manage your bank size
  • Manage your stake size
  • Remember 20/80
  • Have an exit strategy

Start slowly and remember that trading is one hell of a marathon not a quick sprint to riches.


Little Acorns Profit and loss Update

Little acorns profit

It’s been a month already since I started the Little acorns system using real money. As you can see, I deposited £500 on the 8th February.

The second screenshot shows the months little acorns profit. So this means I made a profit of £21.99 or 6.2 points profit from the 8/2/16 to 8/3/16. I have now added on this month’s profits to my bank and compounded giving me my new stake of £3.65.

In total there were 35 selections.

The good thing about learning to use a system like this is that it gives you the necessary patience to trade the financial markets. If you are someone that feels they need to be doing something everyday, using a system like little acorns should help quench your hunger to do what doesn’t need to be done on the financial markets.

DAQ statement


Little acorns profit

Although LA [little acorns] is not trading, it still takes an amount of discipline and courage to implement the system properly.

It also gets you used to staking small and building up gradually.

With financial spread betting there seems to be less control when it comes to the crunch. Traders lose discipline very easily on the financial markets even though they have a rock solid system in black and white in front of them.

Scared to lose

I think this is down to fear and bank size though.

If you have a £5000 spread betting bank to start with but have never been involved with losing money as part of the overall winning process then when you do lose you panic.

I’m going to keep saying this from now on so that you get sick of hearing it but won’t forget it… Start small and compound your profits, over time you will become rich. Forget the lottery approach to becoming wealthy. Yes, we all want to win the euromillions but even if you do you’ll probably lose the lot because you don’t know how to handle the wealth.

Building up your wealth by compounding your profits and looking after your investments is the best way to make it to the top.

7 shocking tips for becoming a winning trader

There are many factors to trading and indeed to the trader that ultimately decide on how or even if a trader will be successful.

It seems ridiculous that some traders trade for entertainment value and that the risk capital for something to do! But there you have it, they have accepted losing from the start.

Others lose because of bad money management. More lose because they do not understand the difference from trading to gambling. Some traders seem gifted with all the traits mentioned. They just can’t make it happen.

The amazing thing is though that losing traders call more than 50% of the trades they enter correctly. In fact currency traders call the Euro correctly 61% And the Dollar 59% of the time yet they go on to lose long term.

In fact, statistics from FXCM claim that after analysing 43 million separate trades that the average profit of 43 pips on each winning trade was set off against an average of 83 pips every losing trade.

In short, even though traders are winning more often than they lose, they lose more points or ticks than they let themselves win.

what losing traders do

Cut your losses and let your profits run…

As you have probably gathered, although traders can win more trades than they lose on average, they are cutting their profits short and letting their losses run.

They have a key principle of trading back to front.

By trying to preserve their profits they have made, the average trader takes the profit to soon.

On the contrary, unable to take a loss they hold their position to long in the hope that they won’t lose so much.

So why not just hold a position that is winning and hope that it wins more?  Or close a position that is losing so it doesn’t lose anymore?

It sounds simple but it goes way beyond simply saying do it, don’t do it.

Pain from losing

The pain of losing out weighs the pleasure of winning. The hope that your losing trade becomes a winning trade is the flaw in most people’s arsenal when it comes down to trading.

I have often tried to think of ways to help traders get over this mentality. Although I believe that it is so ingrained in some that no advice will help these traders become successful, these quick tips may help others.

7 shocking tips for becoming a winning trader

If in doubt don’t bloody do it

If you are not sure that your trade will win don’t open the position. If you are sure and you are wrong that’s OK. The markets are not playing a game with you… They do not have emotions [essentially]. The prices of the markets are moved by people’s emotions. Stack the odds in your favour and think long term.

Start Small:

In my previous post I mentioned the power of starting small. If you learn how to make small consistent gains over time, it will prepare you better [emotionally] for the long haul.  It’s OK to be a small one… The markets don’t care about ego.

Bank Size

If your bank size is too large to start with you’ll find it much harder to take a loss. This will ultimately lead you to taking a bigger loss. This is because you don’t want to lose and can’t accept losing. Hoping and praying for a trade to turn round is BS. Financial trading just doesn’t work that way. You will never win them all.

Open a trade the other way, hedging, offsetting.

This works for some. If you are in a losing position open a trade in the opposite direction.  This will counter any further losses but at some stage you will have to close one of the trades.

Open a position both ways

This can also help master the art of closing a trade. If you open a trade both long and short and then close out the one that is losing. You then let your profits run.

Moving your stops

This is a great strategy for locking in profit. Trailing your stop up behind your positions can often lead you into a no loss situation.

And finally…



Little Acorns Review

My Complete Little Acorns Review

Right, so after 2 months doing the Little acorns review from the beginning of December 2015 the results are in.

Now before I go on, this is a totally different type of system to that of which I normally recommend. Firstly because it is Lay betting on horses, secondly it is not a trading or arbitrage system and thirdly because it is a long term sports betting

I was very dubious about the results as the author claimed as did other reviewers that it had had only 2 losing months out of 44. That statistic I found incredible for a horse racing system.

So for almost 4 years, every month apart from the couple I mentioned has been a winner.

That’s some seriously reliable system.

So after my 2 month test, I can highly recommend the Little Acorns Racing System. [the website is a little dated but don’t let that put you off, the system is brilliant]

Now you are probably wondering why I even bothered to test it out if there were already 4 years of results? Well if I’m going to recommend something to you I want to make sure it really does work, but also I wanted to give you a full low down on why I liked it and also how it all works.

Little Acorns Review

The reasons I liked the Little Acorns system are numerous. But firstly I have to say that it is just so… simple to use.

All I did was to check the racing card prices on betfair for the selections that meet the criteria and recorded the bets.

Obviously I will now be using real money so that will take an additional seconds/minutes to place but it is a very quick and simple system to use.

The liability is very low with the average lay price of the selections being 1.75. This in itself made me see the possibilities with the system but also made me feel comfortable that the odds were in my favour.

You don’t need a lot of money to start using the system and a few hundred quid is all it takes.

Also, Little Acorns offers long term steady profits that can grow to a substantial second income after a few years of use.

Look at this chart. If you can average 10% ROI every month which on average seems realistic and attainable, you can be making a great income with minimal outlay in a reasonable time frame. Think of your investment strategy as 10 years not 10 months.

Little acorns review


You can see the compounding effect here also.

Acorns 10%

Over 2015 the Little Acorns system made a grand total of 111 points using the original staking plan and this included 1 losing month in June. So very near the 10% ROI I have just mentioned. But if you use the staking plan called 2 steps back the overall profit looks even healthier at 148 points profit.

If you could manage to squeeze a 15% ROI from your £400 start bank using the 2 steps back staking plan. And if this is then compounded over the same period. The results are staggering to say the least.

Little acorns system

Little acorns results

Now initially and in the beginning these profits may not seem big. I mean all month to make £40 is nothing special. But as I have said to you before and from what you can see clearly above, it’s compounding that slight edge and leaving time to do the rest for you that really works the magic.  It’s how to invest properly. Remember this is not a lottery ticket.

It’s set and forget.

This has to be a huge bonus for anyone that has a day job. Once you place the bets, that’s it for the day. You don’t have to go back and do anything else.

When I was doing the little acorns review I used to check the race cards for qualifying selections within the same time window every day. This was always from around 9-12.

So my actual results may vary slightly from someone else’s as it happens. This is because prices may have moved during the day, [drifted in or out]. But for me this is what worked. And what my results are based on.

Another thing is I did not deviate from the instructions when it came to the price of a selection at the time I was checking for qualifiers. So if there was a selection that was say .02 out of the system rules I didn’t lay it because it was almost a qualifier. I remained very disciplined throughout.

Support for the Little Acorns system

The author of the system is a great guy. He knows his stuff and looks at long term profits. He was helpful when I asked him anything about the system, although there is not really much to get confused with.

Staking plans

There are a few different staking plans that you can use and my results show the Fibonacci and the 2 steps back plan.

Personally I liked the 2 steps back plan. Not just because it was the most profitable but I can safely say that the bank was not ever in danger during my test.

But for those that are risk more adverse, level stakes is good also.

Here are the total selections I made during the test. The results do not take into account betfair commissions.



DateSelectionOddsResultStakeRunnersMeetingBank 14702 steps
3/12/2015Wolfcatcher1.93L109Market R1463
Presenting Arms1.6L105Wincanton1456
5/12/2015  Courtown Oscar1.98L206Wetherby1446
  Town’s History1.75Winner2011Wolverhampton1506
6/12/2015  Seeyouatmidnight1.98L106 Kelso1496
  La Bague Au Roi1.83L1011Huntingdon1487
8/12/2015  Aubusson1.81L305Uttoxeter1445
  Katie Too1.82L308Fontwell Park1421
9/12/2015  Wavelet1.73L507Ling1385
10/12/2015 Cracked Rear View1.63Winner804Newcastle1465
 Born Survivor1.83L8014Card Warwick1400
 Rock On Oscar1.89Winner8014Taunton1480
12/12/2015U S Navy Seal1.7Winner104Southwell14901520
Peace And Co1.81Winner106Cheltenham15001550
Famous Kid1.9Winner108Wolverhampton15101580
Fire And Passion1.66Winner107Wolverhampton15201610
13/12/2015Mango Cap1.97Winner1011 Car15301620
14/12/2015Zamdy Man1.79Winner105Plumpton15401630
Mckenzie’s Friend1.56L108Plumpton15351625
15/12/2015Warriors Tale1.9Winner105Catterick15451635
Laugh Aloud1.9Winner1010Kempton15551645
16/12/2015Dangerous Thought1.9Winner108Ling15651655
17/12/2015Jessber’s Dream1.72L1010Exeter15581648
26/12/2015Showboater1.91L105Fontwell Park15591649
27/12/2015Sprinter Sacre1.8L105Kempton Park15511641
Points Profit10.119.1new stake
2/1/2016Yorkhill1.69L105Sandown Park1564165011
9/1/2016Hombre Rojo1.96L106Ling1564165011
Tapaculo1.88Winner106Kempton Park1574166111
11/1/2016Oconnors Girl1.91Winner104Kempton1584167211
12/1/2016Special Season1.76Winner10Ling1594168311
14/1/2016Tomngerry1.75L108Catterick Bridge1574166111
16/01/2016Black Hercules1.78L305Warwick1524161333
Free Running1.92Winner505Ling1574164633
19/01/2016Conquer Gold1.65Winner105Ayr1584167933
27/01/2016Binky Blue1.98Winner107Ling1594172322
Points Profit2.36.2



Once again, I highly recommend this system for anyone looking for a long term sports betting strategy.

As with Vince’s system, it does what it says it does. It actually works.

I shall keep a monthly report of the actual results and bank as I shall start to use the system with cash. I’ll use Betdaq to place the bets as the commission is lower. But I will check the prices on betfair [if that makes sense] the prices are pretty similar but if there is and problems with liquidity and getting matched I’ll have to move back over to betfair.

A year from now you’ll wished you had started today. Order Little Acorns here

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Place Profit Accelerator Method

This is an absolute gem of a bonus. Seriously… it really is. This system produced an amazing 316.84 Points Profit in 21 Months

And it’s ultra-easy to use. Simplicity really is the key to this bonus method.

This system works the numbers, not the form! And all from a liability no greater than 0.86 on any qualifying race!


These are the results from 2015 with only one losing month


JANUARY: 2015 = -6.60

FEBRUARY: 2015 = +18.70

MARCH: 2015 = +7.90

APRIL: 2015 = +5.40

MAY: 2015 = +18.55

JUNE: 2015 = +11.10

JULY: 2015 = +16.25

AUGUST: 2015 = +15.20

SEPTEMBER: 2015 = +15.60

OCTOBER: 2015 = +9.31

NOVEMBER: 2015 = +11.15

DECEMBER 2015 = +17.05

You really don’t get bonus systems like this. You normally get some crappy ebook that is totally useless in reality.

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