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Great going.

My trades are all going well, I was going to open some new ones but I shall wait until my September contracts finish so I can see where I am and consider if I should roll the trades over or start something fresh?  I shall email Vince Stanzione to ask.  Currently I am about 62 […]

One day wonder trade

I haven’t opened my Red hook trade yet but I found this. The system generated a buy signal around the 20th of August, but they are currently in takeover talks and gained an astonishing 176 points today or 27% Amazing totally amazing.

My gold trade

It’s been a busy week for me with one thing or another but my trades are all open and most of them making a profit. Shall open the hook trade on Monday. My gold trade is up almost 60 points. It’s amazing many horse racing tipsters struggle to make that sort of profit in a […]

Is this the best trade ever?

I very much doubt it but its impressive all the same, this is the trade I mentioned the other day that made 650 + points in five days, burger King announced a takeover when they were trading at just over $17.00 and generated a buy signal, less than five days later they were trading at […]

Sell €/$

This is my latest trade Sell € so I am expecting the Euro to drop.   Also looking at Redhook breweries from Monday look at their beautiful chart, That’s almost a 200% gain since may this year. If I can find winners like this using Vince-Stanzione System surely you can as well ?

More trades

I’m going to open some more trades this week as my confidence has grown. Also going to do some videos using camstudio showing all the winners I have found. I had initially called Vince Stanzione’s system a scam in my 1 and only video but it’s not.  It really works exactly as it says on […]

Another great move.

Aside from trading a moment, I have been reading “4 hour work week” recommended by Vince Stanzione, It’s a very good read and has some excellent ideas on how you can work less and earn more and become 1 of the new rich, also has some smart money making ideas that are outside the box. […]

What a move.

By chance I happened to check on a position that Vince Stanzione recommended back in June. If i had followed it I could of cashed in on around 700 points profit… That’s no mis type 700 points in around a month using the system that I’m using. That gave me huge encouragement today I must […]

It’s working.

So my trades are still in profit and I’m sure Vince’s system is working, in fact it’s obvious.  I am really sure that I can keep to his  system and if I do the up side potential is enormous.

In profit.

At last I’m in profit, my home retail group trade is currently trading at 2.19 hurrah. Gold is also about to turn a profit by the looks of things?  I am keeping an eye on the Dow as it generated a sell signal on Monday? I’m not sure if I jump straight on the trade […]