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DAX Trading System

The German 30 or DAX if you prefer, is one of the most heavily traded markets. This is certainly true for day traders as it can be one of the easiest markets to predict spread betting price movement on from a day to day basis.   It also moves more than most currency markets from […]

Stay in Line – Don’t chop and change

At his recent seminar, Vince Stanzione played an smart video clip that highlighted the importance of not chopping and changing from one strategy to the next. [I’ve seen the videos now]   He said that many new traders want to make £100 a day and that they look at trading like it is going to […]

General Update – Binary Alert Service

General Update and Binary Service Results I didn’t get the chance to do a proper update of results for my Binary Alert Service in May. So I thought I’d do a general update instead. Overall it was a poorer run of binary trade results and as of the 1st of June when I initially was […]

Price Action Trading Strategy

One of the simplest ways that you can trade the markets is by using a strategy known as trading the price action.   This basically means that you are deciding on what direction you anticipate the price of the market moving without using any technical indicators at all.   My version of this trading strategy […]

How to Choose a Stock to Trade

I’m often asked how to choose a stock to trade? What do I look at that ultimately sways my decision to go long or short?   So I’m going to give you a run down today at what I look at and how you can start to do the same.   Choose a Stock to Trade – Mastercard […]

Trading from Your Mobile – 3 Reasons it can Suck

I have just returned from a well-deserved break. Only 4 nights, but OMG that sun felt good. The Journey was smooth, transfers even smoother and the chance to rest amazing. As you know, this year has been different for me and also far different for my partner, as we have worked hard on creating my […]

Trading using support and resistance lines

As I have already mentioned, there are a numerous, even hundreds of ways to trade the markets, I thought it an idea to highlight that there are few simpler and as effective as trading support and resistance breakouts. Again the one thing you need for this strategy is discipline, and that comes in the form of […]

Binary Alert Service Trading Results Update

Another month has already passed since the last results update from my binary alert service. Trading Results Update This last month on my binary alerts service we had a total of 19 trades. Of those 19 trades 7 were losers. This means we had a strike rate of 63.1% Our new balance as of today […]

Free Binary Bet Free £20 Binary Trade

Free Binary Bet Offer As promised, here is the link to get a completely Free Binary Bet. You do not need to make a deposit to get the free Binary bet. Plus it’s £20 so a great offer. All you need to do is open a real account. Just go here now and sign up. Binary […]

Trading the Financial Markets – It’s not an Enigma.

It’s no fun trying to do something that you know can be done but you just can’t seem to do it.   Why does trading, whether it be online, off-line, spread betting, binary trading or buying stock via a broker seem to only work for some and not for others? Why is trading the financial markets […]