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Why do chart packages all differ?

Beginner traders might think that all chart packages are the same… but they are far from it. If you look at these charts beneath you will see that they are all of the same currency pair AUD/CAD on 4 hour bars.   However, all of these charts are slightly different.   This isn’t such an […]

Fibonacci Retracement Trading

I have [as always] been looking at different trading ideas… and one that can be used with other indicators to create good short term trades is using the Fibonacci retracement tool on your charts. Using Fibonacci retracement trading to predict price movement can be very effective as a standalone system. However… if you add a […]

Bitcoin Code System – Scam

Just a quick heads up on a trading system that you may have been offered or heard of recently. As you may be aware, bitcoin has been making some traders big money lately, the swings have been enormous. When these phenomenal movements occur and especially with something that is new and relatively unheard of the […]

How to Trade – A Beginners guide to Spread Betting

Learning to trade from September to April is one of the best times of the year to start your trading journey. The markets tend to spring to life and start trending one way or another come September. And if you’re new to trading, then learning when the markets are at their most liquid can make […]

Land of Hope and Glory Documentary

This article is not about trading. I wanted to share with you some shocking documentaries I have seen just as soon as I could… As you know, most of my posts are obviously about trading and wealth generation. But what good is wealth without health? So in todays post I’m going to share some unbelievable […]

Cryptocurrency Trading – The Future of Forex

A few years ago, back in 2013, I wrote about the possibilities of trading cryptocurrency. At that point in time, bitcoin was the main word on everyone’s lips… and still is the most recognised cryptocurrency today… but there are others that have and are making a big noise today too.   So what is cryptocurrency? […]

Fear of Losing – the Traders Biggest Hurdle

It’s easy to trade the markets for a living… or at least that is what most sales pages confess to being able to teach you. And yes it is, mostly… but that is only once you have learnt the right route to take to get you there. However, after years of learning to trade… the […]

Beginners guide to Moving Averages

Quick guide for Using Moving Averages   Moving averages [MA’s] are among the most important financial and stock trading indicators a trader can have in their arsenal. Moving averages can help identify trends and reversals and this alone can be enough to help you profit from the markets.  What’s more is that they, [Moving averages] […]

11 Ways Trading from Home Can Improve Your Life

Looking for a good work from home opportunity has many pitfalls… but in all honesty, the most common and certainly what were considered the easiest means of working from home are just not so easy anymore.   eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense have long been the staple for many that wish to leave the rat race. […]

Triple moving average system

Using a triple moving average system to determine price direction is a great way to choose entry points into a market. Not only that, you can also use the moving averages as a trigger to exit the market too. I’ll show you how later on. The triple moving average can be used to trade longer […]