US Election Trading

US Election

I can’t  believe that we are only weeks away from the seasonal signal trades from Vince… Then comes Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas.

It’s funny too, that the seasonal buy signal is now part of my yearly calendar.

A Trade for my Subscribers

I will be opening a few new trades this coming week. One is a recommendation from Vince and looking at it I can totally see where he is coming from. There’s no sure things in this game, although if ever you could be certain of a trade going in the right direction for you then this might be it. I don’t mean put your house on it, but it’s a good strong opportunity.

Vince has traded various stocks in this sector… you can spread bet them at IG.

Also, I’m going to ask if I can share the information with my list of subscribers. Now this is a long shot… I have no idea if he’ll agree… but if he does then it might be Christmas come early for those that act on the information. Also, from your profits you can buy Vince’s course so essentially you could get the course for free.

As said though, I’ll see what he says.

US Election Trading.

The US elections are almost upon us. Regardless of the outcome, it should bring a bit of steady direction back into the markets.

S&P 500

Historically, the S&P 500 has had only 3 negative years since 1928 during election years.

In fact this year we have seen the S&P up just over 5.91% to date.

So, a simple little flutter on the S&P in comparison to your returns from the bank leaves them[the banks]… well nowhere near.

If 5% a year doesn’t float your boat then you need to get your expectations in check. Although some trades can and do make far more, it’s a great return for not doing anything and having limited knowledge of trading the markets.

Realistically, if you had just half a dozen positions all returning on average a very conservative 5% each year, you could clearly see the benefits of slow steady investing over cash in the bank.



Amazon Sales

I’m building my brand, slowly but surely. In fact, I will eventually have one main brand on Amazon that will then have smaller brands beneath it. So different areas and niches will be branded differently but will all be part of the same group.

The first products listed for sale have been great for getting started and learning the Amazon ropes. These first products are not consumables but they will in future help build brand recognition as we [my partner and I] will have our company logo printed on non consumable products too.

Finding consumables products to profit from is a little harder to do so than finding normal physical products, but the rewards are far greater on consumables in the long run.

Having this mentality will be key to growing the business. We are also going to start another blog that will eventually feed the sales on Amazon.

Football Trading

There are literally hundreds of offers each week for football betting from the various bookmakers.

Accumulators, flat bets, goal scorers, overs, under, correct scores… you name it, there is a no risk offer connected to it.

Arbing these offers might not make you rich but you can absolutely make an easy £20 a day doing them. £600+ a month tax free for a few minutes work each day beats working your rear off doing something else that takes far more effort and time. Think about that.

If you haven’t got it you can get profit maximiser here. It’s the most reliable form of sports betting profits around and you don’t need to rely on any tipsters to do it.

If you wan’t to start your financial spread betting journey you can get Vince Stanzione’s course here.

The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review

The One Thing Review

As you know I have been reading the book The One Thing.

As I approached the final pages yesterday evening, I really appreciated that the book had found its way to me that I knew I had to give it a separate review as I’m sure you will benefit from reading this.


So what’s so great about The One Thing?

It’s in a league of its own is an understatement as far as business/self-help books go. I understand that that’s a bold statement indeed but it is.

The book focuses on your one thing… the one thing that you can do that will help you achieve all that you wish to achieve.

It goes on to show you that by focusing on this one thing, that all the other areas of your life related to this one thing fall in to place.

It’s one of those eureka moments that you occasionally get in life.

Reading it you will notice your brain agreeing with the teachings with a, ahhhhhh yes it’s true, you have been trying to achieve so much that you have achieved less that you should have or could have.

When you realize this it’s like a moment of true enlightenment.

It’s like this “at last, this guy truly understands how to help me get what I want”.


Remember Slight edge?

I mentioned a book called slight edge a while ago. You can read the more here

Slight edge was a good read, and is very true fundamentally. But slight edge was incredibly repetitive. Slight edge did not need to be so many pages long. 75 pages were ample for that book in my opinion.

The receptiveness was boring… even though it certainly sunk in.

However, The One Thing was indeed repetitive in pressing home that you need to concentrate on one thing to achieve more, but I never became bored with the notion.

I think that because I knew before even finishing the book that this concept of The One Thing is/can be a real game changer hearing it mentioned so often only served as encouragement to finishing the book and start practicing the teachings.


The One Thing Review – Researched and proven

The author really knows how to use this concept of the one thing and how it will help you in creating and reaching your goals.

It’s not the same old rehashed techniques that have already be proven to work. The book is not a new take on the old theories.

The One Thing has been put to paper after being used successfully over years and years by the author.

What becomes clear about the author is that he is passionate about the idea. He truly believes in in it, proves the teachings of it and explains clearly how you can use the idea in any area of your life.

There is also a website where you can learn exactly how they researched the content for the book. This is really useful should you find the need to dig into any particular area more thoroughly.


Will benefit any area of your life 

As I was reading through the book, much of my imagery was focused around using the techniques for business and profits… But I also realized that I can easily use this approach in the gym, the home or even really unique personal goals like teaching my dog to do new tricks.


What is the concept?

Thinking BigThe One Thing focuses [very briefly] around asking yourself what the one thing is that you can do to that will make anything else you do secondary.

It is by asking this exceptional question that you will come to answer with and exceptional reply.

Thus helping you achieve extraordinary results.

It’s really very clever and brilliantly sound advice.


Thinking Big

Thinking big is nothing new… In fact there is the classic book titled “The Magic of Thinking Big”

However, the author offers the unique approach to thinking big as ‘Think Big, Go Small” It is in essence an easy way to achieve your goals by using the domino effect.

It’s like, once you reach your first small goal on your way to Your One Thing [big goal] that this process will start the knock on effect with your results.

But here’s the difference…

The author goes onto highlight why reaching your one thing is the start of the journey to truly extraordinary results.

It’s not like… OK you’ve reached your goal… now it’s time to set another.

It’s more like, OK you’ve arrived at your destination now you need to get to the best place in the destination.

One of my favorite quotes from the book sums up the overall idea like this. The author makes you realize that to get what you want from life you need to continually do what matters most…

“If you do what matters most then everything will make sense. If you don’t know what matters most anything will make sense”

He goes on to say that “when you clear the path to success… that’s when you consistently get there.

That’s good advice… and it’s truly concentrating on your one thing that makes all else possible.

In Summary – The One Thing Review

Amazing Book… absolutely a must read if you are serious about achieving more.

Final Quarter – Trading Volatile Markets

I’m back from a well deserved rest. Although different to other years as we stayed in the UK, it was still nice to not pressure myself with having to do things computer, blog or trading related.

Obviously I kept an eye on the markets as did I my fledgling Amazon business but that was it.

I did start to read my paperback… but as I found it so amazingly interesting it did keep the cogs of my brain turning.

So I bought myself another paperback [my favourite Science fiction and fantasy book called Magician] and relished every page.

So what’s in store for the run up to December?

Well, I will be modifying and creating some day trading strategies and will get them into an actual trading system for the start of the new year.

Vince Stanzione

As always I’ll be waiting for Vince to give the buy signals in October as that’s a staple of my trading activities. You can read more about that strategy here.

Vince also thinks that the markets will be volatile in September. whilst i have no reason to disagree with him, I still see plenty of opportunity to trade and indeed make profits.

How to Profit Trading Volatile Markets

If you factor in the predicted volatility when you are trading, you’ll see that you can still easily make money from the markets.

One way to account for this volatility is to lower you stakes by 3/4 and only use a single moving average as entry and stop loss. This will help reduce your stress levels when trading as you shouldn’t panic to much if a position goes against you sharply. 

  • So if you are trading £10 go to £2.50
  • Use a really simple strategy like trading the 200 day SMA
  • Go long when the price is above the 200 day simple moving average
  • go short when the price is below the moving average.

That may sound too easy… but don’t knock it. You’ll be following the trend, accepting of any volatility because of your smaller stakes and be on the right side of the price most of the time.

Trading volatile markets

Always opportunities to trade, but wait and try to take the best ones.

Whatever is happening in the news or world there will always be [for the foreseeable future] a price in/on the stock market.

Yes we have elections, brexit, immigration issues… but we also have growth, strength and the world of opportunities called the internet. All these factors are what makes the world go round.

Another way to look at it is, it’s these types of factors that ultimately create the market price.

Making money from the markets is all about waiting.

I’ve said it before, the money is in the waiting and it’s one of my favourite stock market quotes.

You need to wait for the right trade to present itself. And once you have found the right trade you then need to wait until you have taken as much profit as possible. And that also stands true if you are trading volatile markets.

[Just thinking about it, thats a great name for a book on trading “PLAYING THE WAITING GAME”]

Anyway, there’s always going to be up’s and downs during the waiting, in volatile conditions or not. You just need to go with it and you’ll be fine.

10 years from now.

Vince Stanzione advised all that were at his seminar that we should be planning our financial strategies for over the next 10 years.

It’s good advice.

But why is this considered to be good advice?

Well, because of time. Changing your perception of time when it comes to creating wealth [and most other goals] can become your biggest of allies.

Chipping away with a sound strategy over 10 years and reinvesting your profits will likely see a much better result than trying to make your retirement fund in a year.

Creating wealth is a journey, it takes time. And I assure you that if you don’t take action, a year from now you’d have wished you started today.

A year from now

Think Longer Term for all Business Ventures

That goes for any business that you are in or thinking about.

My new Amazon business is something that I can really get stuck into for a duration. It is in itself a trade that i can add to and build upon. I use my profits to buy more physical stock.

The value of that stock might not go up and down in price like it does trading the markets, but it is still stock I own.

With one of the products that I have started on amazon with, I have sold nearly all my first 100 units that I ordered. I used the profits from the sales to buy 200 units more.

This equates to having turned my initial investment of $300, into physical stock worth $2900 [sale price is £10.97]

How much I can turn that into will obviously be limited by demand. But once I reach that demand level I will buy other products with the profits and then rinse and repeat.

Some products I buy might not sell so well, others will sell much better. Over 10 years of doing this how many products will I have that are making money? Lots hopefully.

Amazon has been growing over the last 20 years, I truly believe it’s going to be here for at least another 10, 20 and beyond. I’m happy to use a 10 year strategy on this

If the stock market disappeared tomorrow

If the stock market ceased to exist tomorrow I’d still be in business with this approach… vice versa I’d still be in business if Amazon disappeared tomorrow.

And if they both disappeared on the same day then I think there’d be much more to worry about than making money.

So in summary

If trading, follow the trend, use 1/4 sized stakes and keep it really simple, buy over the 200 day SMA and sell below the 200 day SMA as an example.

And if building any sort of trading portfolio or physical business, remember that in 10 years time you’d of wished you had started today.