You couldn’t buy better Trading Results

paddypOK, so I have mentioned this stock before but being as it is one of my all-time favourites and given the impressive gains lately it has to be noted.

I have more or less been trading Paddy Power since I started trading. What’s more is this was one of the first proper long term trades that I found myself using the Vince Stanzione course.

As you can see from this chart, you could have entered this when I did back in 2011 and stayed in it [depending on moving averages and stops] there are not many tax free investments that you can find like this. You couldn’t buy better trading results if you subscribed to a service. And there is not a horse racing service on the planet that is anywhere near capable of producing more points profit in this time frame.

I traded out and then moved back in but I also reversed my position. Regardless of that I was following the signals and stayed with the trend.

I first bought paddy power at a fraction over £35 and spread bet it at finspreads. Today it’s trading at £114+ so even trading at a modest £5 a point profit you could be up over £35,000 in four years.

Not too shabby for a £5 bet. And you could have even used 0.50p a point if you wanted to if you had a smaller bank.

Another thing is that you have to remember that if a trade goes against you’d of closed out. So as you can see, the cutting your losses and letting your profits run approach is far from any myth or hype.

Trend trading, simple moving averages, a spread betting account and Vince Stanzione. You could do a lot worse than having that team in your corner.

You can read more about Paddy Powers recent buyout off betfair here. This has added to the current run.

Here’s the Paddy Power chart. I use Sharescope but you can just as easily use the free charts like this one from Yahoo finance.


Fantastic Trading Profits

HalloweenHalloween has been and gone but it’s been a wicked few weeks of trading and I have had some fantastic trading profits. As a member of Vince’s site it never ceases to amaze me how valuable this man is to me. He called some massive shots that have already shown fantastic profits and it is reassuring after all the choppiness.

The thing you have to understand about the Vince Stanzione system is that although predominately Vince trades longer term moving averages, he’s not just a one rule man.

His seasonality knowledge and results are not far from spectacular. And although I do not trade every single trade that Vince mentions, trading what I think looks good from his recommendations has rewarded me substantially over the years.

Reading his regular market updates is like having my own financial advisor that actually knows what he is talking about {sorry to any good financial advisors}

As time rolls on and by keeping calm I have had the opportunity to learn that truly the golden rule of trading is in the waiting. You may never get accuracy of winning trades of 90%, 80, 60 or even 50% but by cutting the losses and letting the profits run [waiting] you’re going to be better of financially than most other traders ever will be.

I still get edgy on some trades nowadays but the urges to break rules and make stupid mistakes are gone. If I’m really ever in doubt I do email Vince.

Someone emailed me the other day that was thinking about buying Vince’s course and asked this question… If Vince decided to stop selling his system for whatever reason and he shut down his member’s sites will it stop everyone from continuing to make money? It’s a good question for a newbie to ask. So I answered as always as honestly as I could.


Dear ******

Thanks for your email, there is only one answer to your question. Absolutely not! I have been fortunate enough to trade alongside Vince for a number of years now and his key trading system is still delivering my main trading profits. If you have basic intelligence and can follow simple rules you will profit over time from trading the financial markets using his strategy.

Over the years that I have dedicated to learning to trade, Vince has shown me some other fantastic strategies that have been amazingly profitable over many many years that not many others [to my knowledge] are privy to.

You cannot be worrying about what has not happened yet. It’s a pointless exercise that will keep you stagnant forever. On the other side of the coin, nor can I say that his past results are the light to future financial successes. But I will say that up until today, I have continually made long term profits with Vince Stanzione since I began trading his system.

It hasn’t always been pretty; learning to take a loss was hard, learning to be patient even harder, but it is these traits that Vince has reminded me of that once mastered are the key to becoming a successful trader.

Trading is not a get rich quick scheme, it more a get rich sensibly type of approach.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you good fortune for the future.




That is the most accurate and honest answer I could have given to that question.

I do not have to try to convince you or anyone to become a trader and I will not try to do so. But from what you can learn from the Vince Stanzione course and over the years from following him, it’s enough knowledge to keep you trading successfully for the rest of your days I should imagine.

The markets haven’t changed their dynamics that much over the last fifty or even one hundred years. So I think we’ll all be safe from not having enough trading opportunity’s to take and a system to trade with. Although I could be wrong of course; but I doubt it.