Asian handicap financial bets

Asian handicap betting is often associated with betting on football. has however introduced this type of bet to their trading platform. Now you can bet on the random markets with the added advantage of a handicap.

The normal “Rise” markets have a fixed price barrier. But now if you use the Asian bet feature you have the advantage of a moving barrier/spot price.

For example, if you purchase an Asian “Rise” bet, you are betting that the price of the market will be higher than the price you bought at. But if the price of the market was to fall and move against you, the barrier also moves unlike the traditional bet.

This is very interesting and could be a great way to trade. Like all Asian handicap betting you are being given the advantage of better odds of winning the bet.

Asian handicap betting

The safest way to test a trading strategy

For most people that are new to any sort of trading, their biggest fear is wasting their money. This is totally understandable, but you have to start somewhere and you can’t win them all. So what do you do?

Use a virtual account is one option, but it’s a crappy solution really. The big problem with virtual money is that you are never going to feel the emotions that come with using real cash. And it’s these emotions that often dictate the new trader’s results.

The one place a virtual account does have a place though, is actually using it to see how the website works, how to place a trade, how to put stops in and so on. Just don’t expect to recreate the virtual success when it comes to your own wonga.

Another thing is I dislike the saying only put money in that you can afford to lose. To me this suggests that it’s money that you have no respect for and don’t care about. For many of us that is just not reality and I think should never be so.

So what is the safest way to test your new skills or system? Personally and from what I know now its to open an account at and fund it with just enough money. Just enough that it’s going to be gutting if you lose any but not so little that it doesn’t bother you at all. Everyone is different and obviously finances vary so you have to find your own point of comfort/fear to invest. It might be £50 or it might be £250.

Here’s a good way to judge what this niche point is. Imagine going into a High St. Bookie, and you know that you have a 90% chance trebling your stake if you win whatever bet you place, but understand that you still have a 10% chance of blowing the lot.

So let’s say I’m happy having this one bet for £50 because I have a really good chance (90%) of trebling my £50 into £150 but I could live with it, just about if I lost my £50 trying.
Really get the feeling for doing this as it will give you a sensible starting bank. And you will also evoke real emotion.

Then once you have decided on your bank size either split it into 50 units if it’s large enough or set a percentage to bet with something from 2-5%. Remember there is a £2 minimum stake.
Then just place a single bet at a time until you gain some confidence.

The good thing is that you know your total liability upfront using fixed odds (binary) but you can get to test your system, skills and emotions for real and all together.

They do also offer you a virtual account over at so you can get used to the idea first.