How to get a free copy of Vince Stanziones course

I thought of this over the weekend and realised it’s a great way that you can invest in Vince’s course without even using your own money.

If you have read the blog for a while you’ll know that my partner and I love football, and we make money claiming the bonuses from bookmakers offered on football matches.

Also you’ll know I totally endorse Vince Stanziones course. But another product that is unrivaled is bonus Bagging. Although the profits are way smaller than trading the financial markets, it’s quick easy money that only ever takes a few minutes to implement and is risk free.

In fact once you have claimed all the bookie bonuses, you can sign up for the profit maximiser that gives you a constant stream of reload bonuses that you can batter the bookies with month in month out. On average you can make an easy £1000+ each month from the bookie bonuses.

So back to my idea, if you go over to Bet365 and sign up you get up to a £200 bonus. Ladbrokes £100, betfair £50 and Betdaq £50 so in all £400 in freebies.

You’ll cash out around 2/3 of that once you have arbed it off. You then buy Vince’s course and bonus bagging with the profits. If you have bonus bagging then get profit maximiser. Then you can go on to make, well whatever your imagination can handle.

What’s more is that you have never risked a penny of your own dosh so you have an even greater chance of success. Why? Because you shouldn’t have the fear of losing your own money, frightened traders that are scared of losing normally do just that.

Obviously don’t act like a moron, you still need to respect your money even though it’s free.

So there you have it, a genuine way to get your hands on Vince’s course for free.

It’s a trader’s privilege

This is probably the first year that I have really decided to take a break over the summer holidays. It actually made me realise how very fortunate I am.

My partner is super busy working on eBooks and designing a new site. So we agreed that I’ll do the lion’s share of family commitments so he can move forward at the fastest pace.

It’s been great to be honest, and we are not going abroad during this period so there is no pressure there. It’s also a great chance and excuse to catch up with friends and family.

I went to London today for lunch and shopping. I love London, and as the train pulls into waterloo my heart always skips a beat. I’m off to the Zoo on Friday and we are having friends over for a curry Saturday evening.

I couldn’t do all these things if I had a regular job, so I’m incredibly grateful. But there is no way I’d have the time to do it all if I was working the 9-5.

When you put it into perspective, doing what you want to do and not what you have to is the real indicator of success. Wealth is secondary.