The best time to start a business online is now.

making money onlineMaking money online seems to remain a dream for most people yet now is the best time to be starting an e-Business. Why? Because building a solid business/website now has clearer guidelines to make you and your business successful.

Another consideration if you already have a local business that you are running like electricians, hairdressers, dog groomers for example is that you can dominate your local competition with relative ease by following some basic guidelines.

So even if you don’t actually sell a service or product online you can still make more money by having your dog groomer’s website ranking well in Google business pages. So it beats trying to rank on the first page of Google when you’re up against all the other competition from the entire planet.

The thing you need to be aware of is trying too hard. I see that a lot in trading. New traders overdoing it and ruining it for themselves before the party’s got going.

You need to plan out what you are going to do. If you’re building links, don’t build 20 in a week and then none for a month. Do it steady, a couple every day or so. If you’re writing posts have a system or method in place. Write one post a week for SEO value and one post a week for reader value.

It’s hard work to run a business online but the rewards far out rank any hardship. You just need to keep going.

You don’t need to come up with the next big idea to make money from the web. Most things have already been done, you just need to do things better… or different… or for a certain market.

An example: go onto Amazon and look at the bestsellers, I found this it’s got over 150 reviews so it’s popular. But how about doing a body weight programme for women? Or over 50’s?

Or what about a trading website for the over 50’s, or a women’s poker blog? The possibilities are infinite when you think about it.


Shares to watch

If you are still undecided as to whether financial trading is for you, I thought it an idea to give you some charts to look at to see if you could make a profit.

These charts are all potential BUY positions, they are all US shares, and all found using Vince’s system so we are keeping things simple.
You can bookmark this post or take a note and see how many points profit you might have made up until January or May 2015.

Using sharescope you can flick through once you have set your moving averages and find trades that might be about to really kick off with ease.

Amazon had a weaker start to the year but looking at the signals I think this could start to pick up especially coming up to Christmas.



Starbucks is still strong and I can see this going on to $100 + if you look at the thick black moving average you’ll see where the price rebounded of it and continued. Can you see it’s a nice trend that is steady without to much volatility.



Intel has stayed in range for the last 10 years but is about to reach its highs of 2004. If it brakes $32 we may see it keep going.



Trading eBay

eBay has taken a battering lately. Firstly Googles latest update removed over 75% of their search results, then they had severe data issues and customers had to reset their passwords while eBay tidy the mess up.

As a sort of thank you and to get people shopping again they have issued 1000’s of shopping vouchers from £20-£75 to use on the site. I personally got a £75 voucher so thank you eBay.

But if you look at the chart you can see that trading the news could of made you a quick few bucks. You can see where the arrow is pointing is the beginning of May when Google started their update and a sell signal is given.

You should keep an eye on this one as it may break back through and give a buy if things continue to improve.