The Price of Education

Learning is a funny old game, when you’re at school where all the knowledge in the world is free, you take it for granted, you’re there because you feel you have to be and need to be, it’s the law and that’s how it is. Some things or subjects interest you, some you can’t be bothered with. Of the things that interest you on the curriculum you probably didn’t concentrate as much as you could or want to for whatever reason. Unsurprisingly everything outside of school had your utmost attention even though it was probably totally irrelevant to your future successes or achievements.

Then when you get older and you’re in a job, situation or life you’re unhappy with, most of your attention is focused on exactly that so you end up getting more of it. So to escape the humdrum of life you pay to learn to do something that can improve your world and standard of living. Talk about irony!

But do you have to pay for all your further education or can you get it for free? There is so much information out there for free on more or less every subject or area you can imagine is there any point in paying for it anymore? If you want to build a website with a view to make money from it, you can find a ton of websites, CMS, programs that can help you do this for free. Once you have the finished site you then have to start to learn how to make money from it. Again you read for free, and have some success with SEO, but 18 months later you’re not making a penny! Or let’s imagine Gordon Ramsay is holding a seminar to show you how to cook his 6 bestselling dishes of all time, it’s a one off and it’s not cheap £697 for a full day or you can buy his cookbook for £49.99 and try to cook everything? Or imagine you’re learning how to improve your serve in tennis, you watch all the videos on YouTube you can and you get better [so you think] but now you’ve picked up some bad habits, so you join a tennis club to learn how to serve properly but because of your bad habit it takes an extra 6 lessons from the pro to correct.

There are so many variables in all of this that it’s impossible to decide on what’s going to suit any individual, but what is certain is that there is point that often presents itself where self-teach has its limits.  Whether it’s an eBook, DVD course, seminar or any other form of information, at some stage you’re going to have to pay for it because you need too or know you have to, even if it’s for one certain chapter or that crucial action plan.

So why am I telling you this? Back in January I had a conversation with a close friend about making money online, she wanted to start selling online this way, that way, sideways and every other way possible, I suggested a course I knew of that was really a cut above the rest because it had this, that and everything else. Noooo way she said! You don’t buy those sorts of things online, only idiots waste their money on that crap, I can find out how to do it on Google for free. The upshot of the story is at present she has nearly £2000 of stock and 100 ways she knows how she can sell it.

There are not many self-taught success stories out there anymore, and if you think about it if someone has stood the test of time online within the area you looking for information in, your money is probably well spent. Paying for education maybe a bitter pill to swallow but it might just make everything else taste a lot better from then on.

Keeping Motivated

After what seems a continuous 6 months of rain it looks like we may have some Sun to be grateful for… I have been away at a fitness weekend and the weather really helped lift my mood but also we done a workout to motivational speeches which had background music added in. It was amazing… So I thought today I’ll give you some motivational videos to watch. The actual audio that I heard I do not have although these are very similar and in fact better. If you want to add the audio to your iphone/smart phone or ipod you can do so by using this website very easy to use and it’s a great idea if you just need a quick lift whenever, wherever. Also it’s obviously useful to convert any other speeches that you might want to have quick access to. The third video may seem a bit unusual at first but it’s often used in motivational music pieces and is an absolute masterpiece.

ETF Trading

The graph beneath shows the growth of some of the most popular ETF’s that can be traded today. As you can see Coffee is up over 60%. Exchange traded funds [ETF’s] are snowballing in popularity of late and indeed Vince Stanzione has been trading them for a good while.  According to latest reports the ETF market accounts for 27% of the total trading on all of the U.S Indexes.

The growth is due to the fact that more and more ETF’s are becoming available to trade every week, and offer a cheaper way to trade for intraday and long term investors alike; also it helps traders diversify their trading activities, it gives traders exposure to an entire Index but has the unique feature of being able to be traded like a stock.

So basically an exchange traded fund is quite simply a way to flexibly trade funds that track Indexes but can be far more cost effective compared to other forms of trading.  Whatever your trading experience to date, you are without doubt going to be presented with this option as a trading vehicle sooner rather than later if not already and as I mentioned earlier Vince has been trading these for some time and much of the information and advice given at his seminar related to ETF’s.