Don’t be a Losing Trader

Losing traders make up the largest majority of traders in the market at any given time and the numbers are shocking… Apparently it’s as high as 98% leaving the other 2% to clear up. Here are some tips to consider to turn your trading profits around if you find it’s all going a bit belly up.

  • Don’t over trade, you don’t make money by trying to be busy in the markets; seasoned traders know the money is in the waiting.
  • Taking profits to soon; let your profits run, don’t take a profit for the sake of it or because you heard some BS on the TV, remember trend trading is your simple secret weapon so let your profits run and run until a signal says otherwise.
  • Taking losses to soon; price doesn’t go straight up or down so you have to be prepared to follow your rules without taking a loss at the first sign of red.
  • Holding losses; admit when you’re wrong and cut your losses and move on.
  • Trading for entertainment; you’re bored, lonely, angry, need to relax or whatever excuse you can find to convince yourself that you need to trade.
  • No plan or discipline; Find what works for you and that’s it, don’t deviate from the path you decided on. Trend trading is a long term strategy, a marathon not a sprint. Rate your success over years not days.

Nintendo in the news

Nintendo released a profit alert last week and confirmed losses of over $300 Million, the stock lost over 6% on the Monday as a result, so for day traders trading the news that’s a good day. But after a few minutes research and a single indicator and some free charts you can clearly see a sell signal was given in early 2011. So you could have already been on the right side of the market. It’s just an example of what can be achieved with free info and a solid system, in my case Vince Stanziones.

You can get links to loads of free stuff in the members area so you can test your strategies without any risk. Trading the news is a popular strategy although I have never been into that type of quick trading as you know.

Updated Members Area

I have totally updated the members area and shall continue to add anything of quality over the year. You can login using the same password that comes with my free trading system. I sure there is something for everyone in there so please feel free.

Members Area

I am updating the members area so if you see some changes or something that doesn’t look right my apologies but rather do that than have a down for maintenance page up. Should be finished soon but to be honest it’s not easy at all due to limitations using wp but I’ll get there. Once done it’s going to have lot’s of quick links to charts and articles and other quality trading tools, and also any opportunity’s that I find. Basically tools and information for you to use that I’ve found for free that may benefit you.

Another Year Begins

Happy New Year to you all, I have enjoyed the longest break I can remember and loved it. I really did need the rest and it has been great to recharge. So what have I got planned for this year? As it happens not that much other than more trading and less work. I’m going to be adding lots of links, news and charts to the site over this year so that it’s a free resource for all things trading. I’m also going to write some eBooks and put together some more trading strategies that actually work. Trading gives me the easiest financial gains so I want concentrate on that more this year without over trading if you understand what I mean.

My other business ventures are also going to change in the fact that I shall start to use Amazon to sell and dispatch most of my goods, eBay can just tick along but I really think I’m going to give it a miss sooner rather than later as it has got to stressful with all their rules and BS. And plus Amazon fulfill your orders it’s all easier. I’ll use surplus cash to buy fresh stock for this and reinvest all the profits and see how far I can take it.

My niche websites have been slashed down to 3 and they are all making money. I shall continue with those and might sell a couple of them at some stage during the year.