Inside Job

I have been meaning to watch this documentary/film for some time now and finally got round to doing so at last the other evening and can safely say, wow what a film! In many ways really sad that so many lost so much to these utterly corrupt corporations and individuals; but for anyone with an interest in the markets and how the credit crunch happened it is a must see. Amazing!!! Inside Job [DVD]

Your financial destiny in someone else’s hands.

I’ve mentioned to you before about diversification but here is a really good reason to heed that advice.  As you know I have been running an eBay biz successfully for a while now, but since October sales started to drop, and drop and drop some more. I’m a top rated seller, over 99% positive feedback and offer a premium service, but for some reason I just don’t turn over the volume anymore.  Even though I have stopped my sales for December as previously mentioned I thought I must point this out to you.  After doing some research I found I am by no means alone, in fact thousands of sellers are complaining to eBay daily. And what’s more some of these sellers have been trading on there for 10 years plus and all of a sudden no sales! Add into that that many of them use eBay as there only method of income and you can see the implications. Apparently it is all to do with some update of ebay’s search engine called cassini, but you try telling that to those disgruntled sellers! Fortunately for me it’s not a major issue, yes of course I want the money but I don’t rely on it. These are the problems you face without diversification and placing all your efforts on one online platform. That’s the reason financial spread betting is such a great income opportunity, you are in total control and it’s totally tax free, so it really should be one of if not your main online incomes, but if you are like me and need to be active start another online business because being over busy spread betting is a sure way to get skint.


Chill out this Christmas

So here Is Christmas again, like many I’m amazed at how quick the last year has gone, but it has been a very enjoyable year. For me, seeing my daughter grow has been the most amazing feature of 2013 and although it’s been rather hectic its only added to mine and my partners happiness. As we hadn’t been away in the summer we had considered going away for Christmas but instead we have decided to take most of December of to spend enjoying the festive spirit. So we are officially on our hols. In fact I’ve more or less stopped sales on eBay and practically everything else I’m involved with are as passive as I wish them to be.

I understand that most people are working most of the month but whatever you are doing this month take it easy and enjoy Christmas without any worry, don’t pressure yourself to spend and buy what you don’t need and concentrate on spending quality time with friends, family or even on your own, appreciating all that you have and all that is coming to you.

Here’s a poem for you that I first read in The Millionaire Dropout By Vince Stanzione…    Its so very true but very funny.


In life, there are only two things to worry about… Either you are well or you are sick. If you are well, there is nothing to worry about; but if you are sick, there are only two things to worry about… Either you will get well or you will die. If you get well, there is nothing to worry about,

But if you die, there are only two things to worry about… Either you will go to heaven or hell. If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about.

And if you go to hell, you’ll be so busy shaking hands with all your friends… You won’t have time to worry!

Author Unknown