Business Start Up Show In London

Vince Stanzione is speaking at the London Business start up show on 29th November [this Friday] His speech is about how you can start a business on a budget of £100 so if you want to jump into the new year buzzing with some top class information from some of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurs it may be worth you going along.  There are over 350 exhibitors and some 250 seminars taking place so there must be something to tempt you or open up some opportunity. My partner and I are trying to get there but it’s tricky for us both to go because of our little girl but my partner is keen and has suggested going in separately…  

I have been doing some planning for a book/info product on trading and I’m considering if it’s going to be a viable option to actually have it printed or do it for kindle. I love my ipad and do read books and magazines on it regularly but I also really do love a real book as do many [especially 40 + age groups] so playing around with some possibility’s at the moment and once decided it’s going to be a project early next year.

On a trading front, shares continue to be where the best opportunities are, especially the U.S market and that’s were most of my activity is. Alternatively If you are interested in trading industry sectors have a look at this

You can make great gains using this information by researching and trading one of the top and one of the bottom performers simultaneously. This is called trading pairs were you buy one and sell the other. It’s a very easy and profitable strategy to trade especially using Simple Moving Averages as indicators; what’s more all the info you need is available free online.


Its not all about the money

It may be a surprise to you but most Lottery winners claim that they are no happier than when or before they had won their fortune. In a smaller way I can understand. I’m successful, happy, healthy, and lucky and my life is full of love and laughter so I guess I’m incredibly rich myself. In fact maybe I am truly richer than many multimillionaires?

And you maybe too; although if you’re in a financial drought you probably don’t believe it right now.

Let’s stop for a minute and imagine why you may want to win the Lottery or think about the reasons you want to make more money and make it to the top… Are your reasons similar to, providing the best for my family, making a difference to the world, having enough time to do as you wish, to buy a holiday home, to cook whatever you wanted without having to look at the price tags, to hire a life coach and so on? Or are you more inclined to these ideals, I want to buy a new Audi TT so I look good and attract more men/women. I want to have all the cosmetic surgery that the celebs have, I want to hang out in LA and live fast, I want to buy a huge house where I can entertain everyone and impress family and friends?  

For me personally I’m more of the first set of ideals person and that’s probably because I’m already happy and I have nothing to prove and I know that getting richer and richer financially isn’t going to make me any happier.

The second group of ideals are all fine to but they are more a case of buying happiness and that might be because you are not happy at this moment and you think material wealth can change that; it may also be one of the reasons why most lottery winners soon spend everything and are back to square one before they know what day of the week it is!

You can’t buy happiness or at least not for long because you get more of what you think about whether you like it or not.

You need to be happy within to really be happy when you get the goals you seek, and when you reach your financial goals you need to be happy and grateful that you have made it.

I’m saying all this because blogging about making money and trading is not all I’m about and I don’t want you to think that. I’m not in love with money, myself or an ego. I’m very spiritual and believe in the cosmos and energy [don’t fret I’m not about to try and convert you to anything] ; I like to think I’m genuine and approachable and I love to see others happy and laughing.Also I hope one day I can make a massive difference in the world for the better.

So a different kind of post today to just let you know I’m real life flesh and blood lady that has feeling and emotions like everyone else; and also I truly hope you will all be happy or even happier in the very near future…