Hurdles and pitfalls of making money online

Over the 18 months or so I have seen so many changes in how the web works and delivers results it’s no wonder that people don’t believe they can make a living online. If you’re not on the front page of Google for your keyword you can forget making anything from your website, but after finally making it into the top 10 Google change Algorithm (how it searches) and your website vanishes!!! All your hard work or money or maybe both down the drain. And eBay has a similar story, if you don’t comply with all their forever changing rules, regulations, and general BS they can slap you worse than Google; eBay seem to be able to stop your sales over night and can leave you with unsold stock and dead money.

I have suffered with both of these situations at some stage and it’s a real pain in the rear, not to mention the financial losses. So what’s the answer? Well to be honest there isn’t one or a least I haven’t found it although there seems to be so many if that makes sense. Let me explain; A while ago writing articles and linking them to your website was an easy way to dominate the google rankings, but now that is just one of the components to a top 10 ranking; you must also have videos pointing to your site, Facebook, articles, web 2.0 pages, Links from high pr sites, fresh content, the list goes on. BUT you can still get a top result if you are willing to put the work in.

eBay is a different entity altogether because no one seems to know what really works at the moment and they seem to be interested in the really big sellers with 1000s of products for whatever reason? But again you can still make it if you can fathom it out.

Amazingly or maybe not so, buying stocks is so much easier but if I wasn’t doing these other things online I could lose touch with internet marketing within a few months in all honesty.

As a self employed mum I want to stay on the ball and keep pace with life online and working and adapting to this environment keeps me up to speed.

If you are seriously looking to start up online now is a really good time to do it; mainly because you shouldn’t have too many changes to contend with in the near future as there have been so many major updates recently; therefore you can start to employ some strategies for long term success online right now and learn more as you go along.

Yes it may seem like a mountain to climb but once you work out the route it’s a stroll on the beach, at least for a while.


Paddy Downer

A change in position for Paddy power, after all these months, [years in fact] trading this stock the long term trend is over; to be honest it feels like new ground for some reason? I think I got attached to the position in general as I made such fantastic gains from this 1 stock alone… So the signal is a clear sell but I shall not open until Monday.  Although I really think this signal is just a blip and I expect it to reverse and give a buy signal again soonish.

So the start of the trend was signaled in July 09 using Vince’s system and finished this week for an easy stress free, tax free profit of 390 points profit [approx] or £3900 at £10 a point

This is spread betting like a pro for me, I went from quarterly positions to looking at much longer term positions. I never panicked and followed the rules.

And if you consider I had zero experience at trading before I started but I have made financial spread betting pay; you can do this if I have, I’m sure you can.

Another point to consider is that this isn’t particularly long for a trend trade, many are 10 years plus for much more profit and without ever getting stopped out or reversing your position.


My Best Advice

When I think back to the days when I was starting out trading I’m sure it was the excitement of potential riches that really kept me going; believing that you are doing something that really is going to give you the results you want is an amazingly powerful  way to set goals and keep going when things get tough.

Trading hasn’t been all profits for me and there were times when I thought to myself “I can’t do this”  “I need money now, this isn’t fast enough! “This doesn’t work” and all sorts of other fleeting negative thoughts… but if I could sum up what to do if you are just starting out as a trader in the minimal of words it has to be; Follow the rules and don’t panic if you’re losing”

That single quote has to be the most profitable quote to the success of my trading… I stuck religiously to the system rules and when and if I was ever doubting myself I went back and recapped. I reassured myself that what I was doing was indeed possible and that the position I had taken was the right position according to the rules. If I get stopped out or have to cut losses fine, that’s what winning traders do. Losing traders cut their winners and let their losses run for some reason, which is something I don’t do!

“Follow the rules and don’t panic if you’re losing”

I’m going to write another guide very soon on what makes a winning trader from a psychological angle and include some other strategies as examples. I really believe overall it’s more important than the system you choose; because even armed with the most idiot proof trading system in the world (if there is such a thing) traders still lose money. Why? Because emotion enters their personal trading arena (Their brain) the minute they are winning or losing and all of a sudden they forget the rules entirely and panic.

Another thing though, it really helps if you are following a system that carries some reviews and has stood the test of time because it’s easier to keep your faith if the need arises and you can ask advice and the like when needed.  If your limited for cash try my system because it’s based of time tested proven theories or get the Nicolas Darvis download and start to take some action.