Emerging markets

Vince Stanzione touched on the possible opportunity’s that emerging markets can offer a trader at his last seminar. Although I have never indulged I have always followed the news [for what it’s worth] and kept watching from a safe distance.

As you know from my trades I’m Bullish on shares at the moment but also hold a few good sell positions. I do this as to not have all my eggs in the one basket.

If you were doing the same and you fancied some of these new markets you could be making a killing selling whilst your Long positions happily tick along.

Beneath is the overall % that some of these emerging markets are down this year to date. As you can see some are down over 30%.


For me personally I find them to volatile so have just observed but this chart below is interesting and I may have a punt on it; as you can see erratic sideways movements over 2013 but now a clear sell signal has been given, and there seems to be no good news for the Indian Stock Market any ware so keep an eye on this.


In It For the Long Haul

As I’ve said before long term trend trading can give you the most amazing returns. If you had invested in any of the beneath you could of been looking at some serious profit over the 10 years. More importantly {for me} Vince Stanzione system had given the correct signals.


  • 26 out of these 32 companies, 81%, are worth more today than 10 years ago.
  • 19 out of 32, almost 60%, have more than doubled the investment over 10 years (i.e. a return of 100% or more).
  • 23 out of 32, almost 72%, beat the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  • Average gain with Apple included: 409%
  • Average gain without Apple included: 275%
  • Included Google even though the stock has only been around for 8 years. Same thing with Salesforce.com. Trivia: An initial investment in Salesforce.com would today be worth 66% more than the same money put into Google.
  • Yahoo may be in trouble, but a 10-year investment would still have been worth 1.8 times as much today.
  • RIM’s stock, although its value has dropped quite a bit in later years, is still worth 3.9 times as much today as it was 10 years ago.
  • Good old IBM has actually done ok. An investment would be worth 2.4 times as much today.
  • And what about Microsoft? Turns out it has not performed very strongly. Investing in Microsoft 10 years ago, you would now have 1.1 times the money.



Have you got what it takes?

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to really know what is going to happen tomorrow, next month, year decade but in the stock market we speculate as to what may happen. Sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong… pretty simple stuff albeit amazingly powerful as we have seen.  But the bottom line is MONEY and that’s why we speculate and trade; to make lots of money.

In the most recent financial crisis or shall I say crisis’s around the world things were terrible for many but for others it was a fantastic window of opportunity that made fortunes. Who’d you rather be? You don’t think or say “I wish I was that guy that just jumped out his 60th floor office window because the million quid he had saved over his life is now worthless” do you? You’re just glad that you are on the right side and making money, and as much of it as possible…

It sounds cruel and callous but it’s the truth when it boils down to it and especially so were finances are concerned.

If you become a disciplined trader you’ll understand that eventually or indeed you may already know it. When you win a trade someone else loses it’s a fact and that’s how it all works.

It’s important to understand and accept that stock market trading is not for the weak willed or over emotional; it’s more an arena for the ruthlessly disciplined were Bulls make money, Bears make money and the Pigs really do get slaughtered.

I’m only saying this because it’s tough out there if you get it wrong; but having the right mind-set from the start can really pay dividends. Take no prisoners when it comes to taking profits, that’s how the rich get rich and stay rich.

Fantasy Trader is Live

So I have updated the fantasy trader page and this week I shall choose some positions to get started. I did think about including some of the trades I have all ready mentioned but i thinks its much better to start from scratch and fresh. I shall update the table as it evolves and link the positions to charts and other useful information.