Publishing trades

As I have mentioned before, giving any kind of trading advise is an absolute no no unless you are able to meet very strict rules and regulations; and to be honest they are there to protect us all from scam artists so it’s not a bad thing at all. But I wanted to show you how you can make [and lose] money on the markets so you can get a real feel for it. I also wanted a way to show you how you can trade my free system effectively. So I have decided to start a separate page of fantasy trades and I’m going to keep the trades listed in a table format and include links to the graphs if possible. Should have it ready to go in a couple of days so be sure you pop back.

You Can Do It.

If you are undecided as to whether or not you should try financial spread betting or indeed any other business venture it may well be an idea not to tell anyone, not even those closest to you! I realize that may sound harsh but you often find that the friends and especially family that you are close to are the most negative when it comes to self-improvement.  

I have no idea why this is so often the case but if you’re buzzing about doing something new or starting a new area in your life there is nothing worse than hearing you can’t do it because it’s too risky, dangerous, it’s a woman’s/man’s job and so on. I have personally had this with my family… and as much as I love them they are some of the most negative people I have ever come across!!! In fact even if I proved to them that something worked or I had achieved a personal goal they’d still try to ridicule it or find fault one way or another.

I say this because my direct family parents/siblings know nothing of my trading activities; but the stock market came up at lunch over the weekend and I have never heard so many reasons you can’t make money trading in all my days. So annoying!

Anyway just a quick rant to advise you that telling your ambitions to the wrong people can sink you before you’ve even put your toe in the water.   

Results In FX Day trading System

If you remember I told you about a day trading system that I had been given to test that looked promising?  I have tested over and over randomly at different times to give it a good all over workout and I can confirm it actually works. Now as I’m sure you know I rarely ever recommend a product but if something works it works and that’s it.

There is also really good genuine support and stacks of learning tools, plus you can get a trial for around 0.70p and see how you go; so you don’t have to risk anything before you are happy and confident.

For me personally I find it far to busy and it just seems far to much work to be at a PC screen making lots of trades [all day if you so wish] but I understand everyone is different [also there are other options ] Remember though, Long term trend trading will beat any day trading system, but you can profit for sure using this.

Also you have to understand that winning systems can lose money for the user if you have no discipline and don’t follow rules. You will only have yourself to blame if you deviate and its pretty impossible to do that but I’m sure someone will find a way.

I’m probably not going to test anymore day trading systems because seriously I found it far to tedious and I have made my money trading Vince Stanziones system and methods and that suits me fine. But I said I’d do it for you so HERE YOU GO  

Start a business on a budget

Depending on how much you want it, starting a business on a budget is total reality. My eBay business was started with £100 and it’s still earning £1000+ a month. But for many there are always excuses; It’s no coincidence that the young or old seem to rely on the sayings “but it’s harder nowadays” or “it was easier in the old days” It’s just crazy talk! It’s so easy to start a business online nowadays and doing it for minimal costs like under £20. Vince Stanzione covers it superbly in his book The Millionaire Dropout: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love, Reclaim Your Life
. And once you have started earning you can then invest your profits into financial trading.

10 reasons why I’m a Trader

In absolutely no particular order here are 10 reasons why I’m a Financial Spread Trader .

Freedom: Spread trading has given me freedom to do more with my life mainly because it has given me financial security without the long hours working.

Ambition: Trading sparked of a success attitude in me; reading and learning from the likes of Vince Stanzione created a hunger to achieve and do my best that I had not seen in myself before.

Defined entry and exit points: This is one of the biggest factors in trading success for me, because I use the relevant signals correctly it has enabled me to trade like a pro, I know exactly when to get in and let profits run but more importantly when to cut losses and get out.

Simplicity: An accurate long term trend trading system that relies on simple but amazingly effective indicators and no complicated jargon.

Stress free: Unlike fast forex day trading or sports trading, trend trading is really quite stress free.

Tax Free: Ah yes, no tax to pay on my profits.

Blogging: I do really enjoy my blogging and it’s been great at helping me stay focused and disciplined.

Research: it’s surprising at how much you can learn about anything and everything when doing research on a potential position; I can’t remember what I was researching now but this fact came up. Of all the combined earnings of all the Billionaires in the UK over a year they had a total tax bill of just under £15,000,000 and Dyson paid 61% of that total.

No alarm clocks or commuting: That alone is enough to make most people envy you but add your tax free profits into that and you are far better off than most in more ways than one.

Growth, opportunity and profits : It’s an industry that is growing all the time and more and more opportunities are becoming available just like ETF’s; also whatever state the economy is in or if recession is looming you can still make a fortune. Remember my Silver trade when it crashed??? Or my Paddy Power Buy??? The profits that you can make are almost unbelievable and you don’t need a Kings ransom to get started.