Make more doing the same

It’s funny how some opportunities occur… I have been looking at making more money on eBay but when I think about it I talk myself out of the idea because even though lucrative its hard work.

I have been working with one supplier of goods I sell on eBay for a couple of years now and it’s been hassle free and cast iron reliable, quick delivery’s, good service, cheap and so on; but for the first time just the other day they were low on stock and could not get all my stock to me. It has put me out and as they say “loyalty don’t pay the bills” I decided to see if I could source some of the components I needed. I managed to do it easily, and by doing so added about £150 extra profit a week to my account because I found them so much cheaper; and for absolutely no extra work on my part as all I had to do is simply place an order. What’s more this new supplier sells other goods that I need and over the next couple of weeks I’ll add around another £200 to my weekly profits.  Amazing… And all that came from my supplier being out of stock.

It makes me wonder why I never thought of doing it earlier. Complacency I suppose, everything’s running smooth so if it aint broke don’t fix it type of attitude.  But how many other people do the same thing day in day out me wonders? Because it was by total chance that I eventually realized I was doing it. Just proves that you don’t always have to find more stock to sell to make more money. Simple changes to already profitable niches can make a big difference to your profits. It’s like the Chinese gooseberry, no one bought into them at all when they first ever hit the market even though they were delicious and healthy; but once they reached New Zealand and adopted the name to Kiwi fruit… the rest is history.

Where’s the smart Money going?

There is without a doubt trends in the markets; if you have a look at the commodities market as a whole it looks like everything is sell sell sell; but if everyone is bailing out of commodities where are they going? Well it’s not Bonds either because they look like they are in a similar position to the commodities market, and if you consider the measly 3% interest you can understand why. So where is the smart money going?

It certainly looks like shares to me at the moment and that is also what Vince Stanzione advised at his seminar. In fact most of the positions he advised on were shares and it’s most certainly a safer and more lucrative place to be. My share positions this year have generated almost all of my profits and I have traded anywhere from £2 a point up to £10 all depending on the price, term and depending on US/UK companies.

So as money leaves one sector/area you can short it and buy into where the money is moving. Once again it’s not rocket science. You can use the free charts I have mentioned previously or subscribe to share scope and have a good look at what’s going on.

As I have told you before most of my positions I’m now in I’m staying for the long haul unless it goes belly up; and it suits my style of trading down to the ground and it’s relatively stress free.

So as shares goes here are 3 long positions that look promising,  maybe you can try a bit of analysis and research? What shares have just given buy signals? Is it a good idea to jump on the one that’s already trending nicely? So what’s your overall view on these? A bit of fun really to help you get started if you haven’t already.


Financial Spread Trading in 5 Minutes

Checking my positions once a day is really all it takes to keep running my online spread trading business [if you can call it that] and whilst doing so the other day it reminded me of the name of the Vince Stanzione seminar “Financial trading in 5 Minutes a day”. It’s most certainly true that that is all it takes, in fact it takes way more mental activity to write a blog than it does to trade.  But I wondered if running the blog has influenced my success? Quite possibly. I strongly believe that you get more of what you think about and that true whether you like it or not. Think good get good things, think bad get more bad things happening around you.

I just so wanted to be good at something that it eventually came to me and it rolled on from there. I also realized that knowing that discipline was the real key to trading success and it helped me considerably because I was forever reminding myself of the fact; so much so that I set my mobile up so that when certain friends and family called that I changed their names to different reminders; so Emma became “Disciplined trader” My Sister became “Success” and so on. And here I am today trading successfully in less than 5 Minutes a day. If you want it enough is all it boils down to I suppose.

Also if you think about all the other results I’ve had at earning a living online since I first started trading… One thing has led to another and still going from strength to strength. I admit that not everything I have done has made the financial rewards I had anticipated but the mini successes have really given me extra strength to keep moving in the right direction. And I haven’t exactly lost my shirt or a fortune in any area that I’ve tried to make money in.

I’m not bragging at all as that is certainly not my make up, but as long as you get stuck in and keep to your plan there is absolutely no reason why you cant be more successful than I.

If you have an idea to do something online give it a go. Learn how to blog and build websites using a program like WordPress to get you started; whats more its free and it’s a trade that you can keep using to make an income from.

If you cant find a solution to making money online you really aren’t trying enough, trading the markets was all I wanted to do in the beginning but ironically it opened up so many other financial doors that I’m forever grateful.