Vince Stanzione The Millionaire Dropout

Vince Stanzione has released his new book The Millionaire Dropout: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love, Reclaim Your Life; I’m already going through mine and although there is some info that I have already heard from Vince there is a lot of other useful tools in there, [so far]. For me personally it seems better than Vince’s first book, but each to their own so see what you think…

A common misconception that seems to surround the rich and famous when they release books is that they need the money. I’m really really sure Vince is OK in that department but it’s a fair question, why when someone is already rich and successful do they strive to make more? Lets take Paul McKenna, he admits he has made multiple millions but he still writes more books, promotes more seminars and makes guest appearances for outrageous fees. He doesn’t have to but he still does it.

What you have to realize is that they are business men, and making it in general is what makes them tick. Plus there is probably a genuine buzz they get from helping others. I know if I was really good at something and I could make a positive difference to others by sharing it I’d most certainly be doing it.

Sell in May and go away

So as this year seems to be flashing by we have already reached the Sell in May and go away stage… Not that I’m going to be doing that but if you haven’t heard of that saying you see more clearly in this chart.

 I appreciate that some of us may not have 50 years left but it’s an awesome strategy to pass down to the family.  Even if you done something like that for your children and started it in their first year it’s a lovely 50th birthday gift for them.

It really signifies that you just don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make money in the markets. A simple strategy and good money management will suffice.

A great idea


Check a trade, Cucumber flavoured drinks, Fantasy science fiction books for children [Harry Potter] person 2 person betting [betfair] all have something in common; not to you but to my partner; He had all of these ideas before they became a reality. Seriously… Check a trade, and Cucumber flavoured drinks I can honestly say he had those ideas before they become mainstream because he told me the ideas.  Although I did not know him to verify the others I have no reason to disbelieve.

He is mega creative and has been in the national press and radio on a few occasions for some of the businesses he’s had.  I asked him if it ever bothered him that his ideas come to fruition for someone else and he said, no not at all because it’s a sign I’m on the right path” A great way to look at things I suppose.  He is always on the lookout for the big hit, the one that’s going to make untold riches. He has his steady businesses but he never stops looking for opportunities. Although he says the main hurdle to overcome in regard to developing ideas often comes down to finance unfortunately, and where to begin and who to talk to that will take you seriously once the idea has come to you? And he said this is some of the reason that he never pursued the ideas because he didn’t know how to find investors and felt like people will think he’s off his rocker if he told them the concept in the first place!!!

But that’s an all-round problem with telling negative people something positive, they’ll suck the life out of it before even really considering anything else.

When I decided to start to learn to trade anyone I told tried to talk me out of it {except my partner} you’ll never make money doing that, dream on, good luck; so I just didn’t bother trying to tell anyone else. And eventually I made it in an area that is predominately male orientated

If you have a dream or idea don’t get put off getting started, its surprising but the ones you tell because you think they will be right up for it are usually the ones that give you the least encouragement. Take it from my partner and I, keep it to yourself and just do it. If you have an idea and need some advice you can send yourself a recorded delivery of the idea in full and leave it sealed, that way if someone tries ripping you off at least you have some solid evidence if you need to sue them.


The Murky world of stock trading

I enjoyed an evening out with a friend recently and we decided on a film and Chinese after. Eventually after some deliberation we decided on seeing Side effects; [if you are planning on seeing it its well worth a watch] The film starts to unfold and reveals a very cunning plot about manipulating the stock market and it makes you wonder if and when the markets have truly been fixed?

For example, when a super virus hits the web it’s no coincidence that the price on the virus software company’s goes up, or how about the news that France and Greece need a bail out and the euro drops… But can market movements be deliberately controlled? Probably is my view; Remember bird Flu? Well I read that the same company that had the Anti-Virus invented the Flu in the first place… How about American airline tragedy of 9/11? The prices obviously crashed once the markets reopened the following week, but the news reported a huge surge in put options just before the attacks.

It’s scary to think like that but there are probably goings on like that happening all over the place. Obviously I’m not trying to encourage it or advising you to make money out of peoples suffering, but my overall point is that by following and staying on level steps with the news you can jump on some of the moves getting on them early.

Trading and hobbies

I was thinking the other day about people that over trade for various reasons and I thought that a majority of the cases boil down to boredom and how to overcome this? It’s obviously not easy but I thought maybe if someone built a business around a certain area or niche and only traded stocks in that niche?

Let me give you an example; My partner and I were at a boot sale the other day because my sister was there selling some of her unwanted items; My partner said that there must be loads of opportunities to buy something and resell it on eBay at this very car boot sale, so to prove a point he bought some hard back books, the cheapest book was 0.20p that was immaculate condition and had an original price of £24.99. So basically he is going to list it on eBay and see if he can profit. Now lets say he really got into this and started a blog on buying and selling books and gave examples and so on. But also he could trade only shares in the book area and write posts and information all about it.

He could build a very unique business all based around buying and selling books and trading Amazon, Waterstones, Apple, WH Smiths and so on. So you fill your need to be busy but also trade the markets as well. Its just an idea but it could really work for someone. You can use the free charts available that I mentioned or from Google or amazon like this one.

Vince Stanzione says you can make a fortune from the stock market trading 5 minutes a day and I can totally vouch for him on that, once you know what you’re doing you open the trades and that’s that. So you have to realise you aren’t going to get rich by trying to be busy trading shares but you can get very rich running businesses that keep you busy if that’s your desire and trade shares alongside.