Bitcoin digital currency

If you haven’t heard of it before you should take a look here. I found out about this around a year ago and thought its about time something came around to challenge paypal and the credit card payment systems. Bitcoin is a virtual currency and although in its infancy I can really see this catching on and gathering pace over the next decade.

Cheaper and even free in some cases to receive online payments and send money it’s not going to be long before the masses come aboard. My partner and I are just building a site that is only going to take payments by bitcoin; a bold move maybe but ahead of the game we’ll be.

Unlike conventional email payments bitcoin [once downloaded] generates a unique address that you receive payment to and can also generate more addresses every time you wish to take another payment or send bitcoins to friends.

Personally at first glance I think it looks to confusing to use, but once you get the idea its pretty simple, just like email payments were in the beginning I suppose.

Also not only is the actual idea unique, bitcoin offers other benefits like no chargebacks!!! Ever in fact so payment is final and also no country owns bitcoin so there is no red tape surrounding usage like other merchant services and currency’s.

Maybe you have an idea that can’t launch because of payment processing restricsions? at last it’s problem solved; want to open a late night beer delivery company? go ahead nothing stopping you now, or how about a unique gaming idea or reality show online? go for it.  I really think bitcoin is going to make so much more possible in the future.

And it’s not just entrepreneurs that are looking at the possibility’s bitcoin has to offer… Amazon, winpoker, namescheap have already adopted bitcoins into their payment options.

But bitcoins are ridiculously volatile at the moment, in fact there price has risen 50%+ in a week, but I urge you to take a look and jump on and get an account ready to go.


Another business model

Life is full on at the moment… And strange as it may sound, since becoming a mum again this is the closest I’ve been to being back to normal. I actually started at the gym again and really enjoyed it and also finding more time to devote to other businesses.

Trading seems to be almost a breeze compared to other ideas and developments I have and pursue but I get a kick out of the challenges they present. And you always have the choice to do more or less.

Also I may, repeat again may have an fx system to offer you, and I say may because I am bang smack in the middle of projects that are taking most of my energies and having the time to do a thorough test is going to be awkward.  But the good thing is a business acquaintance is doing a test so at least I can see the results and keep monitoring although I will still test before I give it the thumbs up.

If you haven’t heard of flipping websites it basically means building profitable websites and selling them on for huge profits… also you can keep the ones that you think can or are making a good monthly income. Have a look at so you can get an idea of the concept. A site making say $200 a month will sell for around 10/15 x that on average; so if you are making them yourself or even having them built there are big profits to be had. Knock 10 + out a year and you’re laughing, invest the profits in some long term trends and you really could be going places.

I understand some of you may only be interested in tax free incomes but this really is a great business model that anyone can start cheaply and easily. I have now got camtasia filming suite so planning to do some videos soon about finding niches and developing them into authority sites. If you have a passion for trading you could easily find a niche in this area and turn a hobby into profits.


FTSE Financial Crisis and trading it. Badly…

[adsenseyu1] If you think back over the financial crisis this chart tells the story with complete accuracy. If you look back to 2008 you can see a sell signal was in/around the January so we were already short in anticipation of a further drop; then in the April the market crashes, remember? From then on, false recoveries and prices going nowhere fast. Then a buy signal last July followed by more sideways movements; and finally the market starts to move in a steady up trend to where we are now.

So for the last 5 years if you had done what most investors do and that’s hang on to losing trades you’ probably have lost a fair percentage of your bank.  After waiting for the market to recover you then decide it’s better to take a loss after all and not lose your entire bank so you close out for a big loss. Then the market recovers a bit and you’re gutted you didn’t hang on so you buy again, and guess what, the market goes the other way; Ahhhhhhhhhh… Or maybe you think you’re smart and you have successfully held your positions for the last 5 years to break even because you knew it was going to pick up again? Great return on investment once you deduct your rollover fee!!!

Ok so that may be a slight exaggeration but believe it or not it’s not much of one… But if you had traded properly you could have made maybe 2000+ points.

But there is always opportunity in the market one way or another, we’ve had the dot com bubble, commodities, and now Vince Stanzione believes it’s the time of the shares. And from what he has advised on and results since, I’m certainly not going to buck the idea.

Obviously there are other super successful traders that sell systems and advice, Jim Rogers, Russell Sands, Robbie Burns aka the naked trader to name a few. But It’s down to individual taste and style of trading I suppose when you decide to listen to trading advice from the gurus; but whatever happens if you don’t follow the rules you’ve been given and you haven’t got a clear entry and exit strategy in place then the odds of you becoming the trader above are pretty high indeed.

Up the economy

[adsenseyu1] So are things actually at last getting better? I really do think so. It’s a real bonus that the interest rates are staying so low and I think that may create some spare cash. I have noticed that my online sales are up in all areas and people do seem to be spending more. So if there is more cash around in the US and the UK we could be looking at some good up trends in the markets.

Now I’m not saying I’m jumping all over the markets because I think it’s going to still be a rocky up and down ride but it’s a real nice feeling that things are improving.

Ever since I started to learn to trade it has been doom and gloom crisis talk and bear markets, but most of my current trades are long and as I have said before mainly I look at the shares markets for my own selected trades; add into the mix the trades given out at the Vince Stanzione seminar plus the ones via the subscription service my trading accounts are looking good.

But it’s not only a good opportunity to start trading it’s a good chance to start building up some passive income streams and ride the buzz and feel the optimism out there. If you set some goals at the beginning of the year are you still at them? If not why not? Keep going and invest your profits… don’t give up trying. How much did you make with Bonus Bagging? Did you get your free cash from the Champions’ League game this evening? All these little income streams add up over the months and help get the financial changes you want. DDD… desire, determination and discipline is the real recipe for success.