Making money Blogging


Over the last month I have been promoting a website that I started building in January, finished on the 28th of Jan which is when I started the promotion. Today it is ranked no. 6 on page 1 of Google. So in a single month I have managed to get past the other 190,000 other websites that contain my targeted keyword. Now if I manage to get that particular website to rank no.1 on Google [which I will] my potential earnings from Adsense are around £1000 a month for that 1 keyword alone as it’s searched for 2900 times a month on average. What’s more I could probably do a post once every couple of weeks and more or less forget about it from there on. That’s what you call passive income from niche blogging…

Beauty is these websites are very easy to build but have the potential to make many £1000’s a month. Imagine having 10 of them?

It’s also amazing how many niches you can stumble upon once you start researching. Just the other day I found a niche in an area that requires me to hold stock because Adsense is not a viable option on this niche but the average sale gives £30 profit and there are 9900 exact searches a month!!! You do the math.

I may even offer a service to find niches for people or do a video of how I find them, maybe I’ll start selling them to build up more capital for long term investing, but for now niche site blogging looks a very attractive proposal.

Let your profits run

I love these charts… So much information in the blink of an eye, buy or sell this overview just says opportunity to me. A strategy you can use here is opening multiple positions on say the long side with minimum/small stakes then close out any losers ASAP and let the others run. Or trade them fixed odds on

so let’s say I buy

Pork bellies



Soya bean oil

Russell 2000

Platinum, cotton, Pork bellies and Russell go the wrong way and our indicator says sell so we close for a small loss, Soya bean oil goes like a rocket and we recoup any losses and our trade runs into a great profit. Its another simple but effective strategy that focuses on the cliché cut your losses and let your profits run… and you already have the trend identified so that’s a bonus before you risk a penny. Have a go at paper trading using whatever system you use; If everything goes your way its happy days but remember the 80/20 rule, so if approximately 1 out of 5 trades is a winner you’ll make a profit because 20% of your trades will make 80% of your winnings.


Stress free trading

[adsenseyu1]As you know this is one of my favourite charts, Paddy Power. Entering on the signals given in July 09 I could have let this trade run until the present.

Mainly in my early days of trading I was always more interested in shorter term outlook, like how much can I make over the next quarter? And I was unable to grasp the concept of making 10% plus in the year because I was always searching for ways to make that in a week. Now that I have learnt how to trade more effectively I know that’s the wrong approach.

In the time that I have been trading paddy power I have been stopped out and closed on numerous occasions but if I was looking completely at the longer term I could have entered the trade and not been stopped out once in over 3 ½ years. That’s why long term trend trading beats day trading hands down… So what are you?

Thinking about the U.S.

I was wondering if when you have been trading the markets for a while that subconsciously you are always thinking about them?  My nephew recently landed a job that he wanted in the pub industry with Wetherspoons.  But as I’m giving him congratulations my mind was already thinking, “I wonder what their price is”?  Amazingly it happened to be relevant because he’s also entitled to company shares.  So looking up their current position for him was especially enjoyable and I was able to explain that to him they were a buy. But when I come to think of it I’m always considering the price of something or other.  [I suppose it’s because nowadays I’m always looking for opportunities].

Recently I have been looking at shares in the American markets because it looks like things are picking up over there and considering we always tend to follow the U.S.  It’s well worth keeping your finger on the pulse.  So whilst I have the U.S on my mind and I’m relatively new to trading their stocks I seem to constantly be thinking about them.  It’s been very interesting though and it makes me realise how much opportunity there is out there.  Most of the U.S. stocks can be traded via spread betting using UK companies.

Vince Stanzione also suggested certain market movers from the U.S. at his seminar which I am on and are well into profit.