Financial spread betting trades

Here are the charts I promised, I’m long on both of these.  I love the look of McDonald’s as you can see it’s been going sideways but recently gave a buy signal and I think this trend it’s going to continue and I think this will go beyond $100.

Also Deere looks strong, they have recently announced record profits of $3 billion combined with a healthy workforce and investment in environmentally friendly engines could make this a solid choice, again this could see $100 +

You can get my Free E course

I’ve finished my first ever eBook. You should have seen the sign up form. If not use the box on the right. Its a simple idea/strategy that I came up with when i used to trade shorter term trends, and its great if you are building your bank. Also I have a chart for you that looks super interesting but I’m not going to get a chance to upload and explain until tomorrow.

Another thing is I think it might help some people if put together a simple plan of attack to create a XXXX passive monthly income that you can print of and tick the action steps once done? So I’ll get that organized.

As you can imagine our house is full of life and fun having a baby around but im having to adjust my work patterns at the moment to make everything run a smooth as possible. Its not easy but being a work at home mom gives me great flexibility so I’m grateful for that, and luckily January has been quiet so I’ve had a good chance to adjust before the busier peroids ahead.

Crazy week

It’s been a really hectic week! Although if you consider I hardly sleep at the moment I think I’ve done quite well. I have been finishing of my free ebook that I mentioned in my last post; I was hoping to have it ready for you last Friday but there’s just no way I was going to get it done…

So I 110% promise it will be ready for you this week. It’s my first information guide I have written and I’ve been quite nervous about launching it, I have no idea why or where that’s come from because it’s a great little system for you.

Also hopefully by Wednesday I’ll have some downloadable free copies of one of the all-time great classic stock trading books. I might upload it to a member’s only area or send a link where you can download it but whichever way look out for the sign up form.

There are couple of interesting charts I want to show you this week as well as I think these will be good for super long-term positions.


It’s a free world?

How often do you hear that nowadays ?

I used to hear that sort of saying when I was a youngster and not surprisingly as you get older you never really hear it.  Now all you hear is there is no free lunch…  But Santa did deliver the Christmas rally on the S&P 500, unfortunately I wasn’t on this for obvious reasons but long-term it’s a winner and its free, just do a search if you haven’t got the stock trader’s almanac.

And I have something to give away this week free, it’s a trading system I have put together myself, it’s logical, trend trading in nature and you can paper trade until you hearts content and it’s not going to cost you a penny.  I will have it into a downloadable eBook by Friday.

Well done to those of you that signed up for the bonus system, you will certainly make money and as I said you could invest your profits in something else and compound what you have made.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to go through and add to the site this week including an experiment that we can all take part in to see if we can predict the correct outcome of a random stock???

2013 Financial spread trading and Blogging.

Happy New Year to you all firstly; hopefully this will be the best year for whatever goals you have planned. Firstly I want to give you this so you can start with a quick cash injection, Here is a system that will make you £1000 + over the next four weeks and will make you continuous tax free income on a monthly basis without risking any money whatsoever.  Don’t question it, and just do it.  With your profits you can buy Vinces course [if you haven’t already] and get started with a small bank without risking anything.  If you already have bought the course or whatever to be honest it’s a unique way to earn an extra tax free income.

So last year’s financial spread trading using the Vince Stanzione System, his personal recommendations from the seminar and my own selections gave me some spectacular results but more importantly experience within the markets; I’ve started to really learn and get a feel for what I’m doing, and I have lost that edgy feeling because I’m at peace with what I’m doing and I’m not in a rush to make profits. It’s like I maturing as a trader.

On the blog this year I want to give more information regarding other financial trading systems that actually work and obviously don’t work so it’s easier for you to make an informed decision as to what system is going to suit you best.  Although as I’ve said before, personally I feel there is nothing that is going to beat long-term trend trading overall but there may be other ways to do it and different techniques?  Also as everybody seems obsessed with it, I’m going to look at all the leading Forex Systems and offer them a chance prove their systems results on the blog.  So if I email them and request a review of their system and they don’t reply I shall notify everyone so you at least know to tread cautiously.

Plus I’m going to concentrate on building other passive income streams with an intention of working harder in the beginning and not having to do that much at all thereafter.

So take action this year, write down your goals and keep going until the’re completed  and remember to sign up for the above system so you can kick-start 2013 with some easy profits.