It’s a girl

I eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 23rd of December, she’s adorable in every possible way.  As you can imagine it’s been a bit hectic with friends, family, Christmas and motherin so just didn’t get to update sooner.  I shall do a full update tomorrow and give you my review of the system that will make you around £1000 in 30 days, if you do just that and buy the Vince Stanzione course from your profits you could make 2013 your year without ever risking your own cash.

And still no baby

My baby still hasn’t arrived, my partner really wanted the baby to be born in December but he didn’t ever expect it to be this close to Christmas day… and our baby could possibly be born on Christmas day… So this is probably my last post before the birth, wishing everyone a very happy Christmas, have a great day and God Bless, and a special thanks to Vince Stanzione for all the wealth you have helped me to create and sent my way…

Nothing yet

I still haven’t gone into labour, My partner and I saw our midwife yesterday and everything’s fine.

A big surprise

I have something very special to share with you today; for the last nine months I have been writing the blog I have been pregnant and my baby was actually due on the 11th of December.  I decided not to tell you before for many different reasons, mainly because I didn’t want to put too much emphasis on it in any way during my posts and for a male audience it’s probably utterly boring, also if I had any complications I didn’t relish the thought of having to tell everyone.  So now I’m overdue, but I have been trading, blogging and making money online throughout my pregnancy and am very proud of this, it is proof that work at home moms and dads really can be a success even with a growing family.

I have quite a few ideas, trades, and a couple of systems to show you and thought I may keep a running diary until the birth and include these within the diary post.  I have an forex day trading system that actually makes profits [although it will never beat long-term trend trading] you will be able to sign up for this and it’s totally free, I have a trade for you to follow, a really brilliant arbitrage system that’s just so sweet, and some ideas for making money online.

My financial spread trading strategy

Picking winning trades doesn’t take a degree in quantum physics to get right; it’s how you react to winners or losers that make the money…  I often wonder if you chose a stock to trade randomly and applied the system rules of whatever trading system you are using, and cut your losses quick and let your profits run if they’d [your results] be any different to normal?  Anyway as you know I use some simple rules but beneath is my guide to picking winners.

  • The trend is your friend: following the trend in my opinion is the greatest factor when trading the markets.  So firstly I make sure I’m on the right side of the trend.
  • Check the news: are there any breaking stories involving your selection?  For example if I’m considering trading soya beans, is the weather likely to affect the crops and will this affect price?  Is there too much or not enough?  Are there any contra indicators?
  • Am I happy to keep my selection for the next 10 years: I always consider this before I open a trade, am I happy to keep the position open long-term.  If I am absolutely 100% sure that I can hang on to a trade for the long haul and make on average 15% + a year I’m in.
  • Apply your system rules: whatever system you are using, apply the rules exactly.
  • Make sure you are trading for profit: don’t open a trade for the sake of things, make sure you doing this for results and not entertainment or to keep yourself busy.
  • Have an exit strategy: it sounds simple but so many people seem to hang on to a losing trade in the hope that it’s going to turn around.  Forget it, close the losers let the winners run.

That’s my overall strategy when choosing and holding a position, it’s simple but effective.  I’m not saying it’s the Holy Grail of spread trading but you won’t go far wrong using the above rules.

Free financial trade

Just a quicky, Vince Stanzione is giving away a free Tip/trade to anyone that orders his manual this week, I thought some of you may be interested.  I emailed him and asked if existing customers got the trade but I actually already have it via the private seminar members’ area.  But just thought it might be an idea for you as if the trade was a winner you can pay for your Manual with the winnings. And if you think about it he’s got to be pretty sure about it if he’s giving the information away as a one off for free? Anyway I’m not gonna provide a link as you obviously all know where to find him.