Bed bath and beyond Trade

This looks very interesting, not only has it given a sell signal on the medium term trend as indicated with the first top arrow it has also drop below the longer term trend moving average second arrow and thick black line.  Previous to that it has been through a similar scenario as you can see from the chart.  Around the middle of June price crashed in but recovered over the coming months, although we didn’t see it go through the long term moving average.  I’m going to sell this as it looks promising?  Vince Stanzione has given me some wicked advice via the membership area of the maximum trading profits seminar website, and although I am unable to publish these trades I can assure you that attending the seminar has been one of the best investments I have made all year.  I don’t mean to sound gloating or irritating by saying that but financially he was worth every penny.

Never judge a book by its cover.

It’s an old saying but how often do we do it?  The other day I was walking along the high street and I noticed a young man plodding along in front of me.  Somewhat untidily dressed, tattoos on his neck, you get the picture?  Now I immediately judged him as a rough sort, and not for 1 minute did I think “I bet he’s a real lovely lad” or he’s probably a really lovely bloke under all that.  As I drew level with him there was a girl on her mobile, smartly dressed, clean looking and she says to whoever she’s talking to “yeah but he thinks you’re a ****” now this profanity starts with a C so you can understand I was quite shocked, but what I actually found amusing was as she said this this young lad I have just assumed a ruffian looked at me and said “nice language”.  I nearly burst out laughing.  So what has this got to do with spread trading?  Well, whenever I decide on a trade I always use the Vince Stanzione System rules but I also look much further into the chart, company, weather or whatever is necessary to give myself the best possible chance of profit, so when it comes to choosing positions to open I never judge a book by its cover, yet I immediately done just that to someone I absolutely knew nothing about.  Once I had pondered on this it made me realise that spread trading had ironically taught me a lesson to becoming a better person. In future I will certainly be less quick to criticise or judge somebody.

A system for you

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a system that someone had sent me to test, I’ve been using on the weekends only but my partner has been using it regularly.  It really does make a profit, losses are very minimal, and gains huge.  You can read about it here.  It’s very very simple to do and it’s a good way to build your bank to invest in financial spread betting because that’s where the big money is as I have said before.  This certainly won’t make you a millionaire or not quickly anyhow, but used every day you should easily make an extra £500-£1000 + a month.  As soon as you realise how small the risks are you should see that it’s a great return on investment. It’s well worth having in your arsenal if you haven’t hit the big time yet… Sales page isn’t brilliant but you have to look past that once again here’s the link

U.S. stock market trading

I like the look of this, as you can see from the chart a buy signal was given Around July 09 for Starbucks.  There has been a steady Trend and huge profits up until April this year.  Since then it has been falling but only down to the long-term moving average [Thick black line] where it has rebounded.    I think this will be steady once again?   They have a Profit report in November So I doubt if anything will happen until then but long-term I think this looks very promising.

Tax free spread betting trading Vs online businesses

During the house renovations and in those moments when you wonder if you’ve opened a complete can of Worms and you actually never going to get finished it occurred to me how beneficial learning any sort of tax free trading is and why it’s possibly aloud in the first instance?

As I’ve mentioned before, I had been building up a niche website business; during this time I have endured 2 critical changes in the way that Google display search results.  Each of these updates had an effect upon my niche websites so much so that a few of them have disappeared from the rankings completely!  Annoyingly a couple of them had just started to produce profits as well.

Ironically the business [if you can call it that] of spread trading has not changed for the worse at all since I started trading, in fact things have got better…  And it makes me wonder why I am even bothering with anything else?  As I’ve said before I wanted to create a brand and build up some sort of mini empire but it looks futile if you consider that the search engines can DE index you when they wish.  All your hard work down the drain, done, finished…  Just like that.

Now consider spread trading, or even sports trading, practically unlimited earning potential with profits you don’t have to pay tax on.  So why don’t we pay tax on the trading profits?  Because genuinely there is not enough people in Britain that are making that much money tax free from trading that it really affects the economy.  And people that are making huge amounts still pay tax on everything else they do or buy in the UK.  So surely it’s beneficial to keep them here because they have more money to spend?  Obviously this is only my personal view but it does make sense in a way.

You have to remember also that it’s something like only 2% of traders in any market make money.  The rest of them are giving the 2% their money.  Crazy.

But it’s not all doom and gloom if you are or do you have Internet businesses, what Google has done has cleared up all the crappy websites there are littering the Internet so now you have to build what is being termed as authority sites…  Websites that have a purpose other than sending people to other websites using affiliate links, websites that provide good information on the chosen subject.  So I suppose in the long run it’s a good thing?  But we shall see.

So where does this leave me?  Well I’m still going to build some websites that are going to be authority sites, with at least 30 pages of information and see how they go from there?

Also I’m going to step up my trading…  I am going to trade long-term positions recommended for my Vince Stanzione subscription but I’m also going to trade as I was before.  This means I’m going to use the original techniques I learnt from the Vince Stanzione trading Manual, for the simple reasons it produces good profits with no hassle and no chance of Google moving the goalposts.  Also what I’m going to do is run a fresh bank and continually update my profit and loss on the website.  I don’t know what size bank to use but it’s going to be small with the purpose of showing how you can do it as well, maybe £500 or £1000 or something.

I will be updating the website over the next couple of days and shall sort out another account to trade.