System tests

A slightly overdue update I know but I have some really genuine excuses…  Firstly we are doing major house renovations and this has been crazy.  From top to bottom my partner has knocked down walls, taken up floor tiles, installed a new kitchen and has called in every favour possible when needed.  The result will be fantastic but it has been real upheaval.

Because of this I didn’t do much trading of the financial markets and have really only been monitoring my positions via the Ipad.  There was just far too much going on in the house to really concentrate so I eventually decided on a break.  Although I did use the opportunity constructively, as I’m about to reveal…

A guy sent me a system to look at that he had claimed was somewhat different to all the other bs that’s generally pumped into our email boxes daily.  I had been meaning to have a look but just hadn’t got round to it until the house renovations had started.  Unfortunately it’s not to do with trading the stock market and it’s to do with sports trading.  Also it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to make you a millionaire but from the tests it can easily make you £500/1500 + extra a month for very limited risk…  I still want to test it for a few more weeks but I can honestly say it works as he said it does which is very rare within itself.

I’m also in the process of testing a forex system that seems to work to a certain degree, but I just always hear Vince Stanzione saying day traders do not make any money.  Bearing in mind I have continually made money after the Vince Stanzione review I have absolutely no reason to doubt him!!!  But if it works consistently I shall post my results?

Also I am about to do some major updates on the blog, so once this week is out the way and some normality is returning I shall get this done.

Trading Food Industries Kraft

Vince Stanzione covered this in depth at his seminar, not just the particular company but also the logic behind the selection process.  Following trends for me is without doubt the best approach to trading the markets but also keeping your eye on emerging trends in the news pays huge dividends…

Basically here is how it works, [hypothetically] a market research company or some other governing body predicts or announces that ¾ world will all be watching soccer by the year 2020, we all know the ridiculous amounts of money that is pumped into soccer, it’s becoming huge in the far east and America are also becoming heavily involved, so we think this prediction may carry some weight.  From here we might have a look at particular stocks that are directly related to the soccer industry, Chelsea, Nike, Sky and so on and notice that there is indeed a trend that we can research further and make an informed decision on. Once again it’s a very simple  concept to grasp and as  you become more proficient in trading the markets you will notice this to be a viable strategy more and more…  Obviously above is just an example but I’m sure you can see the general logic? [Also I’m sure you realise Chelsea are the greatest football team in the world even though this has absolutely nothing to do with trading]

Take a look at the chart beneath, buy signals were given late 2009 early 2010 using Vince Stanzione signals and if you add into that the following market research factors you have a solid selection. Kraft is up around 8% this year and as I’m sure you know they produce snacks and the likes.  According to market research people will be snacking up to 23% more by the year 2018 and Vince Stanzione estimates Kraft to be trading over $50.00 within the next 12 months.  It maybe an idea for those of you that are on the fence to keep track of this.


Go on Girls

In the beginning when I first started trading I wondered if my results were a fluke?  Obviously now I know and you know that I have made money over the long term.  On the Vince Stanzione blog and in the news there are claims of a huge increase in women opening trading accounts and stating reasons why women make better traders…  It’s strange really because the things they say male traders do to annihilate their trading banks I have never really been inclined to do, and ironically I’ve learnt to trade from a man…

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