A time to study

As August approaches you’re well and truly in the quiet times as far as trading goes, although for smaller traders like myself there is always something going on. Many of the big traders are not active in the market or only have their super long-term trades [3 + years] running.  Obviously I’m still learning but that’s where I’m aiming.  Just imagine it, having mastered trading and having the mentality of the big players and only trade certain markets on a particular signal because that’s where you make big bucks…  Lovely…  No pressure, no nerves just confidence that you’ll win in the long run…

One of the systems that Vince Stanzione gave us at the seminar focuses on trading the market during particular months and it’s not too far away from me being able to implement…  I’m so excited because it’s proved so profitable and it’s so easy to do, a quick recap and I had it all down.

So that’s what I’ve been doing over the last week, using quiet time to study and go back over notes is a great opportunity to be had, I have been going over the dvds from the seminar and it’s surprising how many things I had already forgotten.  If you are thinking about learning how to trade this is a great time to get your head in some books and practice with some strategies and you might just catch to the big wave that’s coming???

Always opportunities

Recently the grain prices have been soaring as you can see from the attached chart.  The U.S. has been having a tremendous heat wave which has annihilated many of the crops so this has been pushing prices higher and higher. If other markets are quite [like gold, GBP] which I have traded in the past, you can bet your bottom dollar something else is moving fast. You can spread bet all of the above to go up or down.

Winning the lottery

Right first of all a book you must read, 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot
I bought this after hearing Richard Wiseman speak at the Vince Stanzione seminar, it’s a totally different take on self improvement as it’s all backed up by scientific facts, and most of the exercises only take 59 seconds although some of them do definitely take longer. Even If you never done any of the exercises it’s a brilliant read.

Richard Wiseman also did some research on lottery winners to find out if they were more or less happy since winning the lottery? Contrary to popular belief, the majority said they were no more or less happy then before they had won the lottery… Another thing is it’s surprising how many people lose most of their windfall an end up back where they were.

If you haven’t got money it’s no doubt been a topic of conversation somewhere in your life, if I won the lottery I’d do this and do that, go here and go there, buy this car and that car, this mansion that penthouse… We’ve all done it certainly and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if lottery winners say they are no more or less happier since winning the jackpot and a huge percentage go on to lose all their money because they are mentally not programmed to be rich it makes you wonder if it’s all it is cracked up to be???

My question is this, if you were to build your fortune slowly and surely do you think you will be wiser for doing so and happier because you did so?

Let’s take this example, my partner and I discussed how much money we needed to earn every month to live a very good standard of living and be able to save enough money to keep investing. So your mortgage paid, private school for your family, decent cars, holidays whenever you like, £5000 a month savings and so on. So how much do you need to make tax free in order to live that life style? We agreed on £15,000 a month…

Now obviously everyone’s different but that’s the figure we could live a great lifestyle on and to be honest it’s totally attainable by trading and multiple revenue streams. I have watched my bank grow and grow and without a doubt I know I’m going to get that figure. So you could live a somewhat high flying lifestyle every month, respect your money because you’ve had to go and make it, and all the way along be programming yourself to the idea of becoming richer and richer so hopefully you don’t go on to lose all your money because you can’t handle being rich in the first place. And the biggest factor is you have a lot more chance of earning £15,000 a month then you do of winning a few 1,000,000 on the lottery. Theoretically Vince Stanzione is winning the lottery a few times a year every year, but it didn’t happen overnight, he had to build up to that didn’t he?

Anyway, my point is you can be very happy and taste the sweetness of life regularly on way less than £1,000,000 and if and when you win the lottery it’s happy days.

Paddy power 3500 + points

As you know I’ve done quite well trading the above and still continue to do so but if you had opened a buy trade back in July 09 you could have kept that position open without ever being stopped out, taken profits along the way and be around 3500 points in profit better off…  This was one of the strategies I learnt at the Vince Stanzione seminar.  So just over £10,000 a year at £10.00 a point tax free profit for doing nothing apart from following the rules.  The moneys in the waiting as they say and never a truer quote; it’s amazing, just being patient and following the rules you can make staggering amounts of easy profits.  Now if you consider the positions I have taken whilst trading paddy power, even though I have made excellent profits I had many more ups and downs wins and losses because I was trading in a much much narrower timeframe, but in the beginning you’re learning [or at least I was] but I could never agree on anything more from what Vince Stanzione has taught me, longer term trend trading using the correct signals will make you more money than most all other opportunities in financial trading available today…







Shall update you on the book you must read and the lottery facts and figures next post [I promise]

Binary options fixed odds financials

A slightly later update than usual; I have been working on a larger than normal website with my partner and to be honest it was a bit of a headache…  Although it was enjoyable putting it all together it was one of those websites where every time you checked it you seem to find something else to change.  Anyway finished and launched and in total we now have 8 niche websites and at present only 3 of are making money.

But that isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to.  As my trading is literally on autopilot and I’m taking the longer term view it means my trading bank is safer but obviously tied up much longer so I have been looking at options [literally] to make money on a weekly basis using binary option bets or fixed odds financials.  Vince Stanzione does indeed have a book on the subject but I have needed to go more in depth and I’m in the process of getting it all together.

I have mentioned fixed odds trading before and it certainly is a viable option to add to your trading arsenal.  Although you don’t do anything long term and generally the trades are made up from one day to a couple of weeks maximum there are still many opportunities available as there are winning strategies.

Most of what I have seen at the moment and what I am experimenting with on “bet on markets” or BOM as they are often referred to is steady weekly profits with the downside that returns are around 30/75% obviously there are many more winning trades than losing ones. So my idea is to start with a relatively small bank or something that most people can get their mitts on and publish my results here on the blog; I’m allowed to do this because the regulations are far less stringent regarding fixed odds financials.

On the subject of fixed odds, a guy my partner and I got chatting to at the Vince Stanzione seminar is making £1500 + a day trading binary options…  And he said it all started for him after reading Vince Stanzione’s Manual back in 2002.  Since then he has built up his own trading system for fixed odds financials and I may even be able to get some of you in on that very soon???  He doesn’t regularly accept new students but he had actually seen the blog and I had explained to him how I wished I could help people make money by giving advice but had my hands tied by the rules and regulations of the FSA.  He totally understood, and mentioned we may be able to do something? So watch this space…

Shall do a couple more updates this week regarding current positions a book you must read and winning the lottery.