The trend is your friend

Back from Corfu somewhat refreshed, I say somewhat because we went with family so need I say any more?  Anyway if you haven’t heard the above saying where have you been?  Is covered in the Vince Stanzione Manual and many other books and publications I have a read but it is one of the fundamental tools and principles new and old traders abide by and if you don’t you should.

It seems to be a massive problem that traders do not understand that you can enter a trade and let it run for years if you are following the trend.  It’s back to simplicity and being busy trading doesn’t mean profitable.  Open a trade if the signals of whatever system you are using have given you the all clear and then just close if another signal is given.

At the Vince Stanzione seminar he showed us trades that he has been in and he’s still in for years.  Of course you have ups and downs but you don’t really get stopped out, in fact Vince rarely uses a stop in these trades because they are so steady.

Beneath are some examples, do you think you can follow these and make money if given a signal?  Of course you can.  You could have been long on British American tobacco since the middle of 2000, or how about Intertek from 2009, or the about the Euro/Australian dollar?  I could go on and on but you get the idea.

For me personally have I will still be using the same system to select my trades but my strategy is going to be one using a much longer term view.  Also I am going to be trading a lot of the Vince Stanzione advice that he gives to his private members from the seminar.  Obviously I can’t reveal these to you although I will always keep you up to speed on everything I do regarding them.


A post from Corfu


Determined as ever my first post from my hols. It’s been a real lovely break here in Corfu, lovely long sunny days, loads of food and good company. Internet here is a bit hit and miss but it’s not as if I’m working… I’ve logged in to Vinces members site for the seminar attendees just so I can check prices and that’s it really work related; apart from the odd email that needed to be sent. I hear it’s been raining back in the UK?  Oh well I’ll be back there soon but a lot browner than most.

A quick break

Just a quick post, I’m actually away today for a quick holiday although I may try to do a post whilst I’m away…  But I always say that never do.  I’m not doing too much trading wise at the moment just ticking along really.  I want to get my dvds of the seminar day and go through them and then start to decide which of the new strategies I shall embrace?  Maybe a couple maybe all of them? Also, my partner used one of the techniques that Vince Stanzione mentioned on the Internet Marketing day and he said he has increased his orders but it’s too early to give an actual percentage and say for definite; but I shall post as soon as he gives me the stats.