Vince Stanzione seminar full review

As a follow on from the Vince Stanzione seminar…  As I’ve already explained I am 110% positive that Vince Stanzione is there for the little guy, he’s incredibly wealthy and has a keen interest in his students success but now I going to tell you a bit more about the seminar.

From the word go we started promptly at 9.30 and we were briefed on what the day was going to entail.  I instantly felt the impression that this was a no BS event.  Vince discuss in depth the opportunities that ETF’s give you and the benefits of diversifying and the multi strategy approach.  He also explains the systems he uses and advised us to do so; this really did add some strings to my bow.  He also discussed in depth different positions he has open why certain stocks, commodities and positions are doing what they do, and what I found also very impressive he goes over the advice he had given years ago at his previous seminar…  The profits are amazing, truly unbelievable.  Vince Stanzione is a quiet spoken sort of guy so if you’re thinking of this loud mouth standing up front of the stage gloating in his riches and saying “I told you so” forget it, he’s absolutely nothing like that.

As you know I have done really well trading his course but now I have all this in my arsenal it’s like Eureka.  Also I must point out that day was far from conservative and stuffy and much more light hearted and comically entertaining you can probably imagine.

The Guest appearances he had were absolutely brilliant…  Paul McKenna done a fantastic 2 hour set and explained many techniques to improving life and becoming rich.  Paul McKenna was very entertaining with a great personality. I can’t really tell you any more on that as it’s the only section of the seminar that was not filmed and I think there is some serious red tape here.  But it was brilliant to see him and hear him there and then in the flesh.

Professor Richard Wiseman was fantastic, a real scream, the sort of guy you could imagine being able to talk to all day or if you had to be stuck in a lift with someone he’s your man.  He was almost like the most intelligent stand up comedian or entertainer you could ever imagine.  He explained to us about seeing what we want to see and how lucky and unlucky people think…  All the while explaining this to us he was doing demonstrations, it was just mad, really mad.  When you have these sorts of guys in front of you in the flesh telling you how you can become even better it’s a real buzz, they sort of leave you feeling you can do anything. Simon Woodroffe (yo sushi Dragons) was completely different, still very entertaining but much more the serious businessman.  He had loads of experience and was very good at getting his points across; sort of if I can do it you can do it approach.

Over the rest of the day, Vince put his systems to the test and gave us enough information to honestly last a lifetime, you could trade a couple of his systems every year and leave them running until they had to be closed.  You don’t need to do anything else than just compound the following year, all this coupled with astounding facts and figures, mixed in with lots of comedy.  What a day.

I really loved the whole occasion as did my partner, he was coming up with so many ideas and possibilities and was quite frankly blown away by how easy it is to trade the markets and make so much money in literally 15 minutes a day…  I know that sounds impossible but it’s true, that’s all you need 15 minutes a day; in fact Vince went into great detail to emphasize the fact that busy doesn’t mean profitable.  Also the second day of the seminar was a real bonus, as it covered so many techniques and strategies to building a successful online business.  Vince gave away some real gems on that day especially about the power of video and how you can make money using this free tool, most of us have probably never thought about it?  There are just so many ideas and possibilities and new ways to do things, it’s totally mind boggling.

If you’re in any doubt that you can make money trading the markets I can assure you it’s possible.  I’m sure there’s loads of other ways to make money on the markets???  But all I can tell you is this system really works, you’re not going to get ripped off by some charlatan and that Vince Stanzione is a real genuine multimillionaire trader.

As Paul McKenna and Richard Wiseman both stated, you’ll get more of what you think about…  So maybe you should ask yourself what you are thinking about.  Are you getting more of it?  Are you  unlucky or lucky?

With that I shall leave you with a couple of clips that were used in the seminar to emphasize points of looking after your money and investing in yourself.

Vince Stanzione seminar 2012 review

So I’m back from the seminar and I can safely say it’s probably one of the best investments I have ever made…  Why?  It’s totally obvious that Vince Stanzione is a man that does not need your money!  There were people in this seminar that had been trading with Vince Stanzione for around 10 years.  I have no idea how rich Vince actually is but its super rich and there is no way he has made that from selling manuals.  You can clearly see the reason he holds seminars is to keep his most loyal of customers making money.  Obviously he makes money out of the seminar but it appears to be a win win situation. Some of them in there are making over a million a year trading.  I shall say this to you now before I write a complete update [shall try and post on Wednesday] that the things I learnt in the Vince Stanzione seminar have the potential to keep making money for the rest of my life.  It’s mad…  Honestly mind blowing.  I didn’t realise that I was to receive more systems to generate an income trading the markets…  I was under the impression that the seminar was to give me basically advice on what to trade, although I did get that I got the exact systems Vince uses to trade himself and generate his income…  If I could ever make you jump off the fence and take a chance with this I can assure you that Vince Stanzione is totally genuine guy that is incredibly wealthy from practicing what he preaches…  How many of those people selling money making opportunities out there can you say that about ?  As I said, I shall write a full detailed review over the next couple of days.  It makes no difference to me what you do, but I’m just letting you know that this guy is the real deal and the rest is up to you.

Looking at the bigger picture

I have been reading up and studying recently prior to the Vince Stanzione seminar.  The possibilities and financial reward if you get trading right are unbelievable.  Obviously this is what first drew my attention but where I have enjoyed the whole process and have become comfortable with my trading levels I feel I haven’t kicked on from there?  It’s like I have reached a plateau.  A lot of that is down to comfort zones and also putting a lot of energy into building  up a business online. But you have to understand, once you become successful at trading you don’t have to do anything else, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it… You don’t need to be at your computer all day desperate for something to happen so you’ve got something to do, It just doesn’t work like that.  Crazy really when you think about it but you can earn more money trading doing less than you can running an online business doing more.  I have never tried to overdo my trading but I feel now I am ready to learn some more strategies and invest some profits into growing my bank; from there who knows where it’s going to go? But my partner and I want to develop a brand, and I want to do everything I can to learn about this.  Over the last few months of building up and researching niche websites it’s amazing how our minds have started to boggle, so many almost great ideas, so many flops, but maybe just maybe you might find a jewell that ticks all the boxes?  So my plan of attack is… I know trading works or at least the Vince Stanzione method has worked for me, so if I can reinvest my  profits from this into other business ventures, hopefully you might just be buying my products one day???  The seminar is this Friday, I’m so excited.


I opened this trade last week GBP/EUR; as you know from my previous experiences trading the FX I’m not particularly good at it, but because it is such a clear signal I have taken out a small trade.  The signal was actually given at the beginning of April so I suppose many FX specialists picked this one?  I didn’t because I do not follow the Forex maybe as I should?  And if you consider I was trying to find a trade that I was comfortable with at the beginning of the month it is somewhat irritating…  Anyway it is a question that if I get a chance I am going to ask Vince Stanzione at the upcoming seminar; how do you organize and monitor potential trades and is there a method for searching new opportunities???  Obviously I’m not sure if I’ll get to speak to him but it’s certainly going to be something I ask some of the more experienced traders at lunch.  Another really interesting option with trading the forex is you can do it using fixed odds; I’ve been really studying this over the last few months as it’s something directly related with trading and has many possibilities and opportunities.  Also you know your potential losses before anything happens. Open a demo account and have a go if you are still on the fence about spread trading. [these are affiliate links] My niche site business, or shall I say my partners and mine, seems to have found it’s very own method for finding, developing and launching profitable physical product non affiliate/affiliate websites.  It looks really promising after all the hard work of learning how to do it.  Ironically when you actually think about it, this actual website is or could be considered a niche site…  It’s focused on one particular system and area of spread trading and I write about my experience. I then [theoretically] sell advertising space to Google customers and that generates an income, albeit very small but it’s still an income.  Do you get the idea?  Obviously I’m not going to develop loads of websites that I have to keep blogging about as that’s going to take too long and be too much hard work; but developing niche sites that more or less run themselves is a great passive income.