Vince Stanzione seminar 2012

I received a letter about Vince Stanziones new seminar the other day, Paul McKenna is going to be there and he is one of my idols.  Sounds fantastic and I must admit I am really tempted to go.  I’m going to see if they allow you to bring a partner?  And if so I think I am in.  What I really like the sound of is the first day is all about making money from financial trading; and the second day is all about making money online and direct mail so it’s just perfect for me.  Also I shall do an update of all my trades on Monday, It’s been a really good first quarter but I think my other businesses are really gonna start to roll…  I had a couple of domain names valued the other day that I bought when the new .co extensions become available.  One was valued at $2900 and the other at $5600 so really pleased.  The possibilities online are amazing.  If I can get my niche site venture really going over the next couple of months I could really start to see some rewards by the summer.

Looking for another trading system

I’ve been looking for another system to test and it has been reminding me how hard a decision it is to decide on one if you’re going to risk real cash!  Even if you start paper trading it is still a lot of time and effort.  Also, obviously I want to find something else that works, if not better than Vince stanziones system at least somewhere near so that I can add it to my arsenal of systems that I use and can recommend to you…  Strangely enough I have been emailing system sellers and explaining I have a blog running and have tested Vince Stanziones system and are they interested in me doing a test for them?  But no one’s got back to me yet…  But I shall keep trying and if I get no response I shall purchase something else and test it.  I had a good look on all the affiliate programmes, there is so much junk out there…  I remember when I was looking before I decided on Stanziones system, there was this software that had not lost for eight years.  Every day it made consistent profits on the FX, interested I purchased and set it up on my laptop and left it running as advised.[In trial mode]  Less than a week later they had their first losing week in eight years. BS utter BS.  Self proclaimed UK’s best Internet marketer Tim Lowe, bought out some FX system a year ago…  The sales copy read something like this guy had been secretly using the system to make xxxxxxx hundreds of thousands each year… Blah Blah Blah.  the actual truth is the guy in question was broke and went to Tim Lowe to borrow the money to test the system, after which they then sold a subscription to the service.  If he ever made money using the system we will never know but I believe he did make money selling it.  My point is, do your homework first before you buy any system and always paper trade. As soon as I find something worth testing [or if anyone knows of something worth testing?] I shall get cracking.

Gold silver and getting started

My first trades of the year have gone spectacular, although at one stage I thought I may have to sell BAC but the signal didn’t materialise.  Beneath you can see the gold and silver charts have both given a sell signal, I was going to get on these or at least one of them today but I’m actually going to leave it until the start of the next quarter, as I also have to look at rolling over my current positions.  There are a few changes going on on the blog as I’m sure you’ve noticed?  I have set up a separate page for the niche sites and shall start to write about exactly what I’m doing in this area and how you can gain a passive income easily doing what I’m doing.  It may interest some and if not its no biggy.  Obviously if you are reading this blog you are interested in making money spread trading, but I can assure you most traders in general have other interests.  Vince Stanzione obviously, but also Robbie burns. Robbie sells utility warehouse, [amongst other stuff]  and he has done very well out of referring this.  Whatever your current position at the moment if you are trying to get something up and running to make some extra cash keep going and don’t give up. Also If you are always finding excuses as to why you can’t do something you’ve probably gonna keep doing that for the rest of your life unfortunately.  So take action, it is as simple as that to at least get started.

Silver and Gold

Had a lovely mother’s day today and thoroughly enjoyed it after a crazy week.  Have been keeping an eye on silver and gold as both are looking weak so shall upload some charts and update on everything else at some stage Monday.

Passive income

Initially when I started trading I wanted it to be something like set and forget and apart from writing the blog and the initial learning and studying I had to do that’s pretty much what it does nowadays…  You really do not have to do much trading wise once you’ve selected your market.  Since learning the Vince Stanzione system I have sort of implemented the passive income set and forget approach to my other businesses… I have only ever found and sold one product on ebay, I wrote an article for the product and eventually the orders came in.  My new businesses are all going to be passive income and I shall explain more in detail and give you an example as I progress.  I shall also tell you about the software I use and some big success stories I’m following.
My current trading positions are all ticking along nicely, Brent has been very choppy but the chart signifies that historically, but I’m in profit. Nike has been very steady and given me some great gains.  BAC looks like it’s about to give a sell signal after some good profit initially and then sideways.

Where am I going?

I have got to the stage with the test of Vince Stanziones manual that I can only be repetitive In what I say to you,  I feel I have tested the manual totally and it works with flying colours for me. The problem is I do not want to become boring, but on the other hand I have really enjoyed blogging, so where do I go?  Well after careful consideration what I’m going to do are some more tests and reviews of other products and systems that may make money spread betting and in general online. I’m also obviously going to keep you updated of my trades using the Vince Stanzione System.  I’m going to keep you up to date on my other businesses, and how I’m doing as well . I think this may help some of you build up some money for a bank to start trading? And if not at least a passive income on the side.  Over the weekend I shall make some changes to the site and go from there.