You or the system?

I mentioned recently that I have been making niche websites and my plan is to get 10 of them operational and making money.  I’ve really enjoyed making the websites and the creativity that goes with it but it’s been hard work doing all the search engine optimisation.  As I was working on this yesterday I really felt like quitting but I said to myself no…  This works you’ve seen the proof keep going…  And a piece of software I was trying to use eventually fell into place and I got the hang of it.  It’s like the same with the spread betting and financial trading, that wasn’t easy in the beginning but I eventually got the hang of it, same as eBay, I had never sold on there professionally but I got the hang of it once again…  My point is I could have given up on any of the above and said they didn’t work but instead I persevered and have been rewarded.  If hundreds and millions in eBays case of people are making money using a system or strategy doesn’t it seem odd that you say it doesn’t work or you can’t make money with it?  Now I’m not saying keep trying to get a square into a round hole because that’s never going to work but I’m saying if you really want something keep going.

So back onto trading, the first trades of the year have gone superbly, although I’m out of paddy power completely as it is going sideways at the moment.  But another one I’m on to is this

It gave a buy signal at the beginning of February, although I did not get on straightaway I did decide to get on later, what I’d done was use a smaller stake until I was comfortable it was still trending up and then I have added to it to be on the safe side, it’s a good strategy if you’ve missed the first part of the move.  So far this year I am up just over 1000 points, and amazingly I’m doing this in my spare time at the moment.

Just a quicky

I only got back to normal again after the half term yesterday so I shall give a good update asap.  I had my family over and it has been absolute lovely mayhem… I also have had a lot of other work to do regarding my multiple revenue streams and If ever I had a chance in the evenings I have been engrossed in those. Shall update you on all my trades and everything In the next post.

Half term already.

It certainly seems true that the older you get the faster the years go? It’s the middle of February already and the first half term of the year. Just as I’m really getting back into trading and business this year after a sluggish start you then realise family commitments will always be far more important… But that’s the beauty of working for yourself, Because if I had a 9 to 5 job things will obviously have been totally different. Also I’ve been reading up on Google adwords and Amazon Affiliates  and shall be adding a few links over the coming months to see if anyone benefits?  Obviously I will earn commission If anyone buys anything but are you going to be offered any quality products?   Any feedback much appreciated?

I love trading 500 points + Already

It’s nice to get back into things and have results straightaway…  The U.S.  Have stated their economy is improving and as the UK always follows that’s good news if it’s for real?  But you can see reflected in this chart for Dow and the FTSE.  Also it gave momentum to my recent trades and has resulted in over 500 points in profit.

As it stands I lost a few points on paddy power and it looks like it might give a buy signal?  I haven’t had the chance to set up a separate page but shall try to do it over the weekend.  It’s something I really want to do because the Vince Stanzione System is so simple and I can show it to you although in hindsight I could just put a chart up and signal the buy and sell points and do a profit and loss as I did trade paddy power the majority of last year. Now I’m not saying the ground VinceStanzione walks on is sacred and I’m certainly not saying that Vince Stanzione’s System is better than anything else or better than this system or that system,  I’m just saying it really works well for me and keeping this blog has definitely helped keep me focused and disciplined…