I haven’t quite got my trading head back on as yet this year. Although I’ve got so much planned  and obviously off the back of such a successful year It just seems hard to get going? I don’t think it’s just me but everyone’s seems a little lifeless this month?  That sort of energy that I get off everyone else seems to suck the life out of me… Anyway my first trades of the year are already in profit also  amazingly it’s only another week until February and I’m looking to open a  good old favourite and do a bit of a different test, I’m going to try and trade Paddy power continuously throughout the year using the Vince Stanzione System rules and publish my results on a separate page, It’s just so people can see how simple trading can be and that there’s nothing that technical or difficult about it.  If it starts to go sideways I will not trade So it must be trending either way that’s my only rule. It gave a sell signal last week and I jumped on so let’s see how it goes  ?

First Trades 2012

First couple of trades for the New Year, BAC and Nike Both buys, both look strong at the moment, also with the Olympics and Euro 2012 Nike could be a good option. BAC Had a torrid year last year but US banking is looking a bit better.

So what’s in store?

Here we go then, another year to fine tune my trading skills and develop my online businesses.  I shall open some trades today that I have been monitoring and update on Tuesday if not Thursday.  Also you may be interested in another little challenge I am going to do this year, I have set myself a goal to operate 10 websites all generating £10.00 a day by the summer, I already have 3 and that doesn’t include eBay or this blog.  So watch this space???  Last year was a very successful year and trading went from strength to strength and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t continue this year.  Even though the country and economy’s in a mess you can still make money spread trading, also I believe that goes for selling online because generally products are cheaper online.