Happy new year

I have been having a well deserved break and enjoying the Christmas season, it’s been really lovely. I shall be back to blogging, trading and all my other activities on the 3rd of January. Thanks for reading over the past year and may the best of 2011 be the least you can expect in 2012.

God bless


Rough as.

I have been somewhat under the weather lately and had some personal issues to deal with so haven’t been up to much, my partners been the same. It is shame but it has really taken it out for me just before Christmas.  Anyway have a look at the chart beneath. With only a couple of weeks left in 2011 the best market remained gold with a 20%+ rise this year alone.  Remember you can buy or sell all of these via a spread trading account. You’ve seen over this year by my trading that its hardly rocket science, more a case of discipline and some set rules. I imagine that’s the case with any decent system you use?

Is it really another year almost finished?

I cannot believe how quick this last year has gone, really I can’t.  It doesn’t seem yesterday that I had all my plans in place and goals to accomplish.  Fortunately most of my goals are materialising and I can’t say it’s really been hard work, more a case of regular visualisation.  Things quieten down for me on the work front normally around now and I’m glad as I can enjoy the Christmas season.  The Dow is crazy at the moment and I reversed position again, apparently indexes go up at year end before the holiday season so let’s see?  I have a new video planned so shall get it online before the break.