Paddy power almost 500 points profit in 8 weeks

I have enjoyed this trade immensely really because it has been so steady and easy to trade.  I wrote about this very late August and mentioned the system had given a signal, lovely jubbly as Del boy says.  My partner’s family have just gone back after a week so it’s been tricky to write regularly.  Everyone that has sent me a comment/email I will reply by Tuesday, absolute promise.


Let’s get one thing straight before I go any further, I write this blog for my own benefit to keep disciplined, I also initially wrote it as to not get ripped off by Vince Stanzione as I had doubts myself.  I can’t help the fact that the system worked for me, it does and that’s it.  Most of the comments I get are great, a lot I can’t answer because they are asking me questions about the contents of the package and I certainly do not want to get sued by Vince Stanzione for giving out his information for free.  But occasionally you get someone that doesn’t agree this System Works, I’m a liar, I work for Vince Stanzione blah blah blah.  If you have a problem with the system speak to Vince Stanzione, not me.  It is inevitable that things some people try may work for them but not for another.  If that wasn’t the case how will the world go round?  Some people seem so bitter and angry and I do feel sorry for you, I really do.  I have tried to educate people not about spread trading but about life in general and my beliefs and maybe somewhere along the line I can help someone benefit from at least the books I have read?  I have been criticised for making the blog positive…  But that’s just me I’m afraid, I haven’t forced you to read it have I?  My main point is everyone is free to have their opinions and do as they wish with their lives, but please don’t run me down for making a success of mine. X

Follow the leader

The Dow gave a buy signal last Tuesday, oh and so did the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, as you can see from the charts beneath.  Obviously this is no surprise to serious veteran traders but I find it fascinating how close we follow the U. S.

Also keep an eye on gold as it looks about ready to give a buy signal?  There seems to be some recovery in the markets?  Although I am just going to do what the system tells me, the last time I used hindsight [on the DAX] I was wrong and the charts and the system were right.

Gold buy

Back to normal

I’m back from my fitness weekend, really good fun but what a hole, the accommodation was just terrible, but the good laughs outweighed that.  Hopefully I can get back to normality this week, after all the family left I went straight on the fitness weekend with my partner and it feels like I have not had any time to myself…  Although I’ve really enjoyed everything it’s nice just to relax on your own occasionally. All my positions are going well though although gold has rebounded a little, paddy power is flying.  When I got back I read a great article by Vince Stanzione about his view on women traders…  And I certainly cannot argue with him… According to Vince men hate to be wrong and he finds men holding losing position much longer than women in the blind hope that the trade turns around, he also states that women are far better in an emotional crisis and far more disciplined and less likely to panic then men.  Also he claims that women are more selective with their trades and research more thoroughly unlike men that jump in.  Another interesting quote is that he says more women read the Manual and follow the system where as men  go straight to the trading pages and forget the rest of the Manual.  The full article is a really good read and you can find it on, it’s not men vs. women at all but it may help highlight some areas where people are going wrong?


Quick update, been a hectic few days for me, was my partners birthday at the weekend , I bought him an I pad, he’s over the Moon.  Some of his family have decided to stay down so completely out of the zone In regard to trading and business.  All my positions are going well, Silver and Gold continue to gain profits as does my buy paddy power.  Away this weekend to a fitness break but shall try and update again before I go.