What goes up

Must come down, so the saying goes and evidently from the graph beneath.  As you can see the middle of March 09 gave a buy signal on the DAX and the trend carried on all the way to the middle of July 11 until It gave a sell signal and then crashed. It’s back to my theory of following a handful of positions and trading them effectively when the system gives the signals can really pay dividends.  I have read that the DAX is an easy index to trade?  Maybe that’s because it trends smoother than the others?  Anyway my point is a sell signal has just been given and with the Germans nervous over the whole Greece affair the DAX could be in for another dive?  It’s one to keep an eye on.  Also I have just received how I made $2,000,000 on the stock market by Nicholas Darvas, its recommended reading by Vince Stanzione so shall let you know if it’s as good as he says it is.

Silver Crash 350 + points

Really quick update but couldn’t resist it, this is probably my best trade to date, I am up over 350 points in a couple of days, I can’t believe it’s real at times.  All I’m doing is following the signals that the Vince Stanzione System generates.  I’m gobsmacked still, even though I’ve had a reasonable amount successful trades it just never ceases to amaze me how simple and effective it is.  It’s crazy…  I’m not being big headed or trying to sound too clever and I’m certainly not bragging in any way at all, but I am just really chuffed.

Sell Silver

After reversing my gold position I had wondered what silver was doing?  As you can see the system had generated a sell signal last Friday, it’s almost like it has anticipated the market move in advance? It’s amazing.  I managed to jump on this today and catch most of the big fall, plus gold is already well in profit.  I love spread trading its official.

Gold sell signal

Gold has given a sell signal so I closed my trade for 120 points profit, and I have now reversed positions.  I am not sure if It’s actually worth it because I think it’s going to be one of those situations where a buy signal is given again very soon and this is just a correction?  Paddy power is rolling along lovely and I’m in profit 220 + points.  Also another thing to remember is I move my stop loss up as the position heads more into profit, it’s an excellent strategy as you end up in a situation where there is huge upside potential and no chance of a loss.


I still do some part time work for a friend and it’s amazing what you overhear the conversations.  Now you must realise I make a point of not telling anyone friends/family that I trade the markets because I’m not interested in stories of how you can’t make money doing it and it’s far too risky, blah blah blah.  But I heard a couple of chaps saying you can’t make money in the stock market anymore and there are no opportunities…  Rubbish…  Absolute rubbish, the fact is you can make money in rising and falling markets and I think there are more opportunities now than ever to trade?  Here is a graph of the best and worst commodities to date, take your pick, buy or sell do you think you can make money?  Of course you can…

Back to normal

It has been nice to get back to some normality this week after the holiday period, don’t get me wrong I love it but I do miss my routine.  The Dow looks like it is about to give another sell signal?  So shall open this trade Monday if the system gives the signal in full. The coming months are a busy time for traders and It’s where a lot of action happens up until spring next year, it is the period where you can make some serious profits, fortunately I have learnt so much over the last year and I’m making more profitable trades on a regular basis so I’m more than looking forward to it.  It’s so exciting and it makes me so optimistic about my future as a trader???.

Seasonal trends

I found this interesting graph on the Dow, It’s what the Dow has done on average for the last 50 years. As you can see September is the weakest month then we head in to much stronger months. So basically on just going long on the Dow from October until April you will make money over the long run.

Busy and Buzzing

I have been real busy this week with everything other than trading, although if you have been following my positions paddy power has already moved into 100 + points profit.  Also gold has moved back up again so all good there.  I’ve been looking for some more products to sell online and I’m having another website designed and that’s slow progress at the moment.  And lately it feels like by the evening you’re left wondering where the day has gone?  Anyway, no new trades on the horizon at the moment but recently I have definitely had the best run of results since I started.  I seriously think you could trade a handful of positions up and down using the system rules and make great profits???