130 + points profit on Gold

That’s so far although Gold had a couple of bad days this week and saw a big drop but I am still nicely in profit.  You have to remember prices don’t go up in a straight line unfortunately. Paddy power has just generated a buy signal using the system rules so I shall open that on Tuesday.

I forgot

I had forgotten to update the recommended reading section with one of the books I read on holiday. So have a look as it’s a really great book.

383 points

I closed my Dow Jones trade for the above points profit [£766], to be honest I was a bit nervy because the Swings  were so erratic and was more than happy with the result.  Also I had read something somewhere by Vince Stanzione that you should take windfalls when they come so that’s exactly what I done.

A comparison

When trading the markets the bookmaker makes his money out of the spread, When making bets at a sports Bookmaker they make money out of the overround of the book so they win whatever the outcome . On the betting exchanges they make money by taking the commission on winning bets, But also if you are a consistent winner you have to pay a premium charge which was set at 20 % but now for a select few of the constant winners They have to hand over 60 % of their winnings weekly If they have earned more than £250,000 [In total using Betfair]  …  with that happening I wonder if more people will consider trading the Stock markets?  Can you imagine a bookmaker asking Vince Stanzione for 60 %  of his winnings?  You can just never see that happening… So it seems spread trading the markets is the place to be?


So far In the four days since opening my Dow position I am over 575 points up on that trade alone following the signals the system gave .


A couple of trades here that I opened today, Gold buy, and Dow sell. As you can see a signal given using the system rules. I’ve obviously seen this on so many occasions but it never fails to amaze me that some simple rules are so profitable.

Big move..

Do you know I cannot remember the last time I had a holiday and just did not want to come home?  I’ve found it a real struggle to get back in the swing of things.  Any way onto trading, have you seen the price swing on Scottish and southern?  The Vince Stanzione System gave the signal the same day as it plummeted.  Unfortunately I was only just back from my holidays so didn’t get on [gutted] but it just goes to show when you are following particular shares closely up and down you can make good money.  British American tobacco is the only trade I opened as this continues to be steady.