I’m back

I back from my holidays and feeling completely refreshed.  After a discussion with my partner I decided not to update whilst away and I also closed my trades before I left as we decided a complete break was what we needed.  So my results were I was stopped out on paddy power, a miniscule loss on southern, and again on Gregg’s.  If I have kept the trades open southern is about level and Gregg’s gave a sell signal.  I think I made the right try though as I did not have to worry about having something to do. I shall get ready to open some trades again on Monday. Also I read a fantastic book whilst I was away by chance actually.  Suntan oil spilled all over my book but as luck had it my partner had a book I could read that he had always harped on about actually.  It’s called The game, and it’s about a pick up artist but more than that it’s about someone that got exactly what they had always wanted.  I shall update in the recommended reading section.

Sunshine here I come

Apologies for the late update, I have been absolutely flat out.  Also this week I am getting ready for a well deserved holiday.  My three new positions are all doing OK and I don’t think I’m going to open anything else before I go away.  Although I’m going to take my laptop and shall be updating Sharescope and keeping an eye on things from my hotel room.  I’m really quite excited about the whole thing actually; being able to run my business from my hotel room is like amazing to me.  It feels like I’m really making progress.  If I can do this I am sure you can?  So just give it a go.  I shall also do the video when I get back.  Shall update again before I go away, once on Friday and again on Tuesday if I get the chance.


I have bought

Paddy power

Scottish and southern


Third quarter

I have my trades ready to open today and shall update tomorrow once done.  I have had a nice few days off and been enjoying the weather and went to see family members, working for your self has so many benefits like this.  I had no trades running so that was easy and I simply shut my E bay shop and it tells people you are not  processing orders until a certain date. I can’t believe it’s the third quarter already?  It’s just amazing how quickly the year seems to be going.  Also going to do another video this week hopefully?