A long but good week.

I think that was probably the busiest week I have had in years… Running my other businesses is quite time consuming compared to trading, I probably devote about 15 minutes sometimes longer a day to trading, and that really only involves checking my positions and what I’m following, longer if I’m researching a potential position.  Doing the orders and answering emails is a different ball game altogether and it’s certainly a lot easier to run individual websites then it is to run or sell via eBay.  But with eBay you have an instant customer base.  But back to the markets, this is why the idea of trading is so appealing, it’s a lot less work and the upside is obviously huge profits.  But I’m not grumbling, not at all.  I’m very grateful for everything I have and excited by the prospect of building my trading bank up and my profits although I am in no rush.  Paddy power and Scottish and southern are both going along okay, Greggs gave a sell signal if you were following, I closed out.  This month I’m going to let all of my positions expire, compound and go again.

Scottish and southern

I’m looking to take a small trade out on this, it’s been rallying again since the end of May when it gave another buy signal, and I think it’s another good defensive stock to have on board?  Quite a few of the charts are sideways at the moment and might be due to entering the summer period?  So whatever I take out is probably going to be defensive stocks.  I do still paper trade as well because it helps my skills and I just keep all my results on a spreadsheet to see how I’m doing.  Keeping detailed results is really beneficial with whatever system you are using,  they can also help you develop separate strategies.

Book update

I was looking for something to read the other day and started to reread a book by I have not read In years. It’s absolutely brilliant,  have a look to the recommended reading section.

One to watch.

I noticed this a bit later on after it had generated a sell signal at the end of March and in hindsight so wished I’d have jumped on.  Although I’m expecting a bit of correction and then the price to move up again.  It’s a sad statistic but for every smoker that gives up in the west three more start to smoke in the east…  Shocking…


I enjoy writing this blog and sharing my experience spread trading but it makes me so angry when mindless idiots accuse me of being a scam artist.  Let’s get one thing straight, it is entirely up to you if you decide to buy any products related to Vince Stanzione, I have tested personally one of his systems and I can’t help if it works, if something works it works that was the whole idea of me writing the blog in the first place to publish my results and experience, if it didn’t work I’d have published that as well.  I consider myself so lucky to have found money making opportunities that work, just for your information I made £400 + In profits using eBay last week. To make those profits I had to learn about ebay, so how did I learn what I needed to?  I bought a ebay system to learn about it, now the system I bought had lots of positive reviews but also had negative reviews, waste of money, utter rubbish, never got my refund, so on and so on, but I’ve used it and made excellent returns.  You see what I’m trying the say? not always but mostly it’s down to you to try and make something work as well because there is no such thing as a free lunch. Add into the mix a couple of other websites running making profits, plus my profits trading that are building up as we speak,  I’m making quite a serious income from home, and I kick started it with Vince Stanzione that’s all I’m saying.  He didn’t advertise an eBay business to me, I decided to do that at the beginning of the year but I did get the idea/s from reading his book.  I’ve tried to point you in the right direction by sharing with you books that I have read that may help you as they did me, they are not even connected to affiliate links on Amazon as I do not want my readers to think I’m trying to make money out of them.  My point is this, you’re going to get what you think about it’s as simple as that. If you haven’t heard the saying before,  If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re probably right.  Take action and become responsible for your own life because there is nothing you cannot be, do or have if you just have belief. One other thing that is worth considering , if Vince Stanzione took all his products of the market and wrote a blog publishing his results do you know what I think will happen?  He will be inundated with people begging him to teach them his system… Funny that .

Who’s your money on ?

This really made me laugh, over the last 15 years this well known tipster http://www.rixsport.com/recentgambles.asp Claims to have made over 2500 points profit.  Now I’m not knocking that it’s a tidy profit but Vince Stanzione made more points than that profit last year alone…  And its hell of a lot cheaper to buy his trading Manual then it is to subscribe to the above tipsters service.  I must stress that at least our man Henry has made a profit but it’s nowhere near what you can make trading the markets, I mean even me a complete beginner has made over 100 points on a single trade.  So where is your money going?