Winning ways and another trade

Paddy power has moved into profit already so really chuffed about that.  This is another trade that I am going to open on Tuesday, Greggs the bakers, as you can see from the chart it’s been pretty steady on the buy side and gave a buy signal at the beginning of the month after a brief drop.  And I feel this is also a good defensive stock to have running alongside my other positions?

Paddy power

I found this very interesting graph of paddy power and shall be taking this position on Monday morning as a buy.  As you can see the trend looks strong.  It’s funny how I was unsure of other trades and then you find one and you know it’s a position your confident with.  I suppose that’s what trading is all about making informed decisions?  I was reading another book the other day by Abraham Hicks, and they reiterated the importance of drinking water, I personally drink a lot of mineral water every day but it reminded me that Vince Stanzione recommends this also in his book “Stop existing and start living” and it made me wonder if he is wise to the powers of the cosmos?

In doubt so go without.

As the saying goes when in doubt go without, I was unable to make a really sure decision over the last few days on any new position so I decided to stay put and see what evolves??? Everything  I have been on seems to be in the middle of a trend or has not quite given a signal so I have just sat back and been patient.  I could obviously find something to put money on but isn’t that then just gambling? Rather play by the Vince Stanzione rules and hang on until I find a good move.  Slow and steady wins the race I believe.


I got stopped out of my latest FX trade, really gutted, obviously the loss hurts but it’s my 3rd fx trade I have made a loss on… Made profits on many of my other trades though since I started and have maintained a positive result overall but I am going to leave the FX for a bit as it’s a bit quick for me.

A load of **** come through the door today from Tim Lowe, as I have explained before,  you will make more money doing things for yourself online and even learning simple old eBay than you will with that self styled desperate wanna be .  I may sound harsh but I’ve seen his idea of business first hand so don’t be fooled.

Sharescope and system rules

I was going through the FTSE charts today on sharescope using the Vince Stanzione system rules and I just can’t see the system failing long term,  It’s really easy to do and you can instantly see the buy/sell signals and work out if you could of made a profit. To be honest I really enjoy doing it because it gives me confidence and you  can easily identify different markets that suit your trading style [slower or faster moving] quickly.  I think maybe the problem with any system is that you personally have to operate it and I really think that that’s the area that losses money, YOU… I’ve done it myself so I know, but do you wonder how some people make money doing 1 thing but other people just cant get ahead or lose money doing the very same thing? If you are trying something that works for someone but not for you ask yourself if it’s really the system or you???  It’s not easy accepting being wrong but it’s a lot better than going broke. Updated the recommended reading section.

FX trade.

I have bought EUR/GBP as mentioned in my last post.  Also closed and reversed Easyjet as sell signal generated.