It’s a rollover

Actually it isn’t but I have to start considering the option. I made a few points profit from my coffee trade but nothing to brag about and 40+ from easyjet , but do you rollover your trades or let them expire when then situation arises? Rollover fees are a bit of a bummer and trying to maximize profits is an obvious no brainer whatever business you are in, but in regard to financial trading if you are following a longer term trend trading system like the Vince Stanzione system you are going to have to make these decisions sooner rather than later.  I may email Vince in regard to this as so far I have always let my trades expire.

Aside from trading

I mentioned to you a while back about other business ventures that I was looking at. To elaborate on that I am building up a business model around the idea of multiple revenue streams… If you haven’t heard of the concept google it.  Its only been a few weeks since I started and I’m thinking this could be a really good number??? I have sourced some niche products and had websites created to sell them and also found some other hot products and suppliers and have made my first sales using eBay… If I can keep adding quality products to this and keep service levels the same I could be making some serious money in the next 6 months??? And obviously I have my trading profits to add to this.  I’m feeling really optimistic about the future and  I’m loving giving things a go 🙂

Vince Stanzione Interview

Here’s a cracking video for you today, it makes me feel that bit more comfortable when I see how genuine Vince Stanzione really is. I got these of of his blog.

Part 2

Easy profits

As you can see I am in profit 40+ points on my Easy jet trade, also remember I change my stake size to accommodate the market I am trading, for example I may trade £6/10 a point on some positions like this but £2 a point on FX so eventually it all evens out but ultimately comes down to keeping a positive expectancy overall. If you get a few of these [20% actually is all you need as I have said before] going for you over a month even with small stakes like mine you can get excellent returns.

100 points profit

I traded out of my GBP/U.S.  trade for an overall profit of just over 100 points as a sell signal was given. You can see details on the chart beneath.  I shall probably sell this now. Also attached is a chart for cotton that I am looking to open this week, it’s been nice and steady and looks like another good opportunity is about to present itself?

Less is more

If you notice from my recent updates regarding profits and trades you will notice that I don’t actually trade that many positions to make a profit. The simple reason is or rather my philosophy is the more you do something the more chance you have of making losses. I prefer to find better quality positions {At least I think they are} and stay with them rather than keep trading all different markets and anything else that moves and over complicate things somewhat. On the flip side to that I have read that there is a strategy behind taking more positions and cancelling the losers although I fail to see any point so far?

My profits update

Stock/FX/ComBuy priceP/L
Man Group3.09-6

As you can see my profits so far are approx 320+ points on my buy positions (not including the spread) in about 2 months of trading this year following the Vince Stanzione system to the letter, this is not even including my current coffee trade that is soaring and also my Easyjet sell; I have not included them as I have only just taken them out. The losses are very small because I cut them immediately as the positions generated sell signals and therefore reduced my losses dramatically. Amazingly I have made more points profit in a couple of months than most sports pundits make in a year. Long may it continue…

Easyjet trade.

I have had this on my radar for a bit but with high oil prices and us consumers generally watching every penny I cant see easy jet having an easy ride so I have sold this, ad to that the troubles in Egypt and Tunisia  and the sell signal given it looks like a good opportunity.