It’s nice to know.

It’s certainly not part of the Vince Stanzione system but I do occasionally read reports regarding companies or commodities I’m interested in. It makes it all the sweeter when you take a trade like I did with coffee and read what the pundits have to say… Especially when it’s in your favour. What you have to bear in mind is I assumed or speculated that coffee was on its way up due to signals on a chart from using Vince Stanziones system but it makes me wonder where the so called experts get their information from? Anyway you can read these articles here and also here

And remember I opened my trade before these articles were written as you can see from my blog posts, so if I can do this you can.


Small stakes big gains.

Crude oil gave a buy signal back around the 30th of November, I had monitored this as I do many charts and as of today you could have made £2500+ profit using £1 stakes. It goes to show you can make decent gains using minimum stakes effectively. Also I really like the commodities area as it creates some wonderful opportunities a beginner can capitalize on without needing massive banks.

In your favour

I often get emails of the next big gambling system to hit the market and regularly they claim to have 70/90 % strike rates and go on to say, if you used £100 stakes you could have made X amount. I’m sure you get them too? But the reality is these systems have not been tested over any length of time and also 1 loss normally wipes out all your profit in one go. That’s where financial spread trading is different; using Vince Stanziones system you only have to get 20% of your trades correct to make literally all of your profits… So it completely puts the odds in your favour and blows the other crap out of the water. Why bother trying to get most of your trades right to make profits if you can do it the other way round? Do you think you can get 2 trades out of 10 correct using a definite set of rules that give you exact entry and exit points? Of course you can. I think anybody can really. You can go along making lots of small losses and then ride the big winning trade for all it’s got. I have also heard that rule mentioned from some of the other big names in trading so it’s not just Vince Stanzione that realizes its worth.

Make a plan.

It’s no wonder people lose money trading as they have the opportunity to chop and change from one system to the next until they’re broke. They never give anything a chance, they give up after a couple of losses and slate whatever strategy they were using as rubbish and move on to the next one to line the charlatan system sellers pockets some more. Now let’s get one thing straight, there are loads and loads of crap systems for sale out there that’s only going to cost you in the long run anyhow but how will you ever know you have found something that works if you never give it a full test drive? Do what I did, give what ever you’re trying a real good hammering before you use it for real. Test a few ideas, strategies, and systems at once and stay with the one that suits, and stop trying to become a millionaire in a week as this is the route to guaranteed losses and the poor house. Vince Stanziones system is making me steady profits and one day I’m sure I will be making my fortune at it but there’s no rush is there??? My point is the more desperate you are to make money the less chance you have of making something work if you don’t have a plan laid out before you start.   As the great saying goes, Fail to plan plan to fail.


I’m on about trading obviously… As this chart shows you, commodities are very easy to trade long term, of course you may have changed direction on occasion rather than be stopped out but that’s trading. In totally realistic terms you could have been long since the first indicator in late July. The line in the very bottom right is another secret indicator that Vince Stanzione gives you, and it’s mega useful as it tells me the long term trend… I have taken a trade out on this as I cant see it changing direction long term. In fact some commodities safely trend for years and years so it makes it a very stable area for a growing portfolio.

It’s not all bad with Commodities.

Still suffering after my dental surgery and haven’t got my pc back but I’m gaining pace again. As I’m sure everyone in the UK has felt the pinch of the VAT rise, anyone that has gone shopping or filled up their car with petrol will know prices off everything are going up but it doesn’t have to be all bad… Spread trading can give us some awesome opportunities when the general mood is down beat, especially in the commodities markets. Have a look at the graph I’ve uploaded. With spread betting you can back the prices of nearly every commodity you can think of such as cotton, Rice, Cocoa, Corn and even those famous Pork Bellies and make a very easy profit. As the graph shows big moves happen in commodities and we can profit from up and down moves although obviously we are looking at the buy markets mainly at the moment. These are the biggest moves so far this year.

All I need to do is ad any commodity to my sharescope portfolio and my Vince Stanzione system settings are automatically added, so I can see any buy or sell signals instantly. Simples…


I had a really interesting example of a trade to show you but my main PC is at the Dr’s as it’s had to have its hard drive replaced and all my gump is on there, also I had a wisdom tooth out today, Arrr how sore is it since the anesthetics wore off… So I’m taking it easy. Shall show you what I sort of discovered on Friday and how you can watch literally any chart and make a profit.