A really busy January

It’s been a great start to the year for me and I have been really busy with other business ventures [shall talk more about this soon] My FX trade last week is already into profit, I have found another FX to trade so I shall post that this week. Last year I read Vince Stanzione book “Stop existing and start living” I have taken a couple of ideas from there and generated my first sales and I am now looking for more information to develop the ideas further. Making money online is my sole ambition this year, a seed Vince Stanzione has planted.

FX Trade

I found a great trade on the Forex so on Monday I shall buy GBP/USD as you can clearly see the Vince Stanzione system gave a signal.  Forex is one area I shall try to learn about in more detail over this year.

Keeping accounts

I am going to keep records of all my trades in an excel spreadsheet and include details of stops and losses, rollovers and so on.  I am also going to include my emotional responses to the action as this may be invaluable? Vince Stanzione actually recommends you do this.  So here are my first trades of 2011

Buy Man Group         3.09

Buy kingfisher            2.63

I am also really interested in the Rexam and if I had actually followed my own advice back in December I could have opened a trade closed out for a small loss and reversed positions for about 40 points of profit.

Ready to go

I am all ready and raring to go, I’m going to start off slowly with some slower moving selections and move along from there.  Last year made a profit and gave me huge experience so I want to continue along the same road but fine tune my overall trading.  Shall post my new trades by Friday ready for Monday.