A system I forgot about

dogyrs This is so simple… Vince mentioned this at his seminar and I totally forgot about it. If you haven’t heard of it before I assure you it’s a real no brainer; but it’s a good way to get involved in trading without risking anything if you are just learning the ropes or if you’re seasoned […] More

Just you wait

selfdiscipline Nowadays there is more and more accurate and up-to-date information available to anyone on anything it seems. I wanted to find a list of top performing ETFs so done a quick search and bingo! Funny enough it was on one of Vince’s website posts. But a quick glance at the readily available graph, free chart […] More

The Price of Education

Learning is a funny old game, when you’re at school where all the knowledge in the world is free, you take it for granted, you’re there because you feel you have to be and need to be, it’s the law and that’s how it is. Some things or subjects interest you, some you can’t be […] More

Keeping Motivated

After what seems a continuous 6 months of rain it looks like we may have some Sun to be grateful for… I have been away at a fitness weekend and the weather really helped lift my mood but also we done a workout to motivational speeches which had background music added in. It was amazing… […] More

ETF Trading

etfs201426th The graph beneath shows the growth of some of the most popular ETF’s that can be traded today. As you can see Coffee is up over 60%. Exchange traded funds [ETF’s] are snowballing in popularity of late and indeed Vince Stanzione has been trading them for a good while.  According to latest reports the ETF […] More

Know what you can lose not what you can win

Whenever you open a trade it’s a far better approach to have an exact exit strategy in place and not over concern yourself with how much you can make. Let’s say that you are going to open a trade, you login to your trading account and you see your lovely balance of £1000 or £2000 […] More

Technical trading systems

The use {and sale} of technical trading systems has been shoved under our noses since the dawn of the internet, but do they have a place in a profitable traders arsenal? The use of technical indicators is advised to make more informed predictions on which way the market is going to move, I suppose that […] More

Don’t be a Losing Trader

Losing traders make up the largest majority of traders in the market at any given time and the numbers are shocking… Apparently it’s as high as 98% leaving the other 2% to clear up. Here are some tips to consider to turn your trading profits around if you find it’s all going a bit belly […] More

Nintendo in the news

Nintendo released a profit alert last week and confirmed losses of over $300 Million, the stock lost over 6% on the Monday as a result, so for day traders trading the news that’s a good day. But after a few minutes research and a single indicator and some free charts you can clearly see a […] More

Updated Members Area

I have totally updated the members area and shall continue to add anything of quality over the year. You can login using the same password that comes with my free trading system. I sure there is something for everyone in there so please feel free. More