The best time to start a business online is now.

making money online Making money online seems to remain a dream for most people yet now is the best time to be starting an e-Business. Why? Because building a solid business/website now has clearer guidelines to make you and your business successful. Another consideration if you already have a local business that you are running like electricians, hairdressers, […] More

Shares to watch

amz If you are still undecided as to whether financial trading is for you, I thought it an idea to give you some charts to look at to see if you could make a profit. These charts are all potential BUY positions, they are all US shares, and all found using Vince’s system so we are […] More

Trading eBay

ebaychart eBay has taken a battering lately. Firstly Googles latest update removed over 75% of their search results, then they had severe data issues and customers had to reset their passwords while eBay tidy the mess up. As a sort of thank you and to get people shopping again they have issued 1000′s of shopping vouchers […] More

A Good World Cup But…

Still no broadband!!! Only a few more days to go though… Unbelievable! Fortunately the WiFi-fon has held us up so must be thankful for that. On the bright side I have read so much more than I normal do and have come up with some great ideas so that’s good. Seriously though I have often […] More

Is the Internet Getting Smaller?

As a trader we are now officially in the quiet period, some still sell in May and go away, others hold on to their stock but expect minimal profits, even more concentrate on other areas of business; for me that means looking at improving my websites and increasing traffic and looking at ways to increase […] More

Back from Holiday

As I told you in my last post our broadband service got disconnected by mistake, so my partner and I decided to use have a quick break whilst everything got sorted out. Unfortunately we STILL have no broadband but BT gave us free Wi-Fi for the inconvenience caused by them; although not ideal it’s better […] More

Ahhhhh No Internet access

Vincesemlondon 007 Since last Thursday we have had no broadband!!! How did the world function before the internet??? Anyway as you can imagine it’s been a bit awkward but hey ho. Having to connect via my iphone has been slow going but better than nothing. In all seriousness though I have not missed it as much as […] More

200 day SMA trading

DIS The 200 day SMA [simple moving average] will always be one of my favourite indicators not on because of its amazing effectiveness but also because it was one of the first indicators I was introduced to. But is it effective as a standalone trading indicator? If you haven’t read my free ebook I emphasize in […] More

Binary fixed odds trading

I am currently working on a new ebook that will include my original 10 x 20 system but will also have a section on how you can profit with fixed odds trading; also I’m going to cover the mental approach to trading and how to manage money like a winning trader. Also this is going […] More

What’s the difference in a trader and a gambler?

As a trader I often look at all other forms of trading, betting and gambling to see what and if there are any new or unique concepts that have developed or are developing. Mostly people reinvent the wheel and resell systems to gamblers. I’ve noticed this phenomenon over the years as a trader repeat itself […] More