Best Stock Market Tips From Millionaire Traders

There may be many rules for becoming a successful financial trader but there are only a handful that most veteran and multimillionaire traders live by. I can follow rules religiously and was able to listen to the advise from Vince’s course and implement it without to much trouble. But there does seem to be golden […] More

Trading on Betfair and Sportsbooks

Sports’ trading seems to be a winner when it comes to Tax free income but it’s actually far more complicated than trading shares will ever be. You see, when you open a trade with a financial bookmaker you know your worst case scenario upfront. You pay your spread (bookies fee/commission) have your stop loss in […] More

So what have I got planned for 2015

Make money 2015 I emailed the free niche site guide and a few stocks that I think have potential this year to everyone that has signed up for my free guide. I hope you enjoy them both. So what will I be doing in 2015 and what have I got planned? Well I suppose much more of the […] More

Happy Holidays

Wow! I have had the most hectic holiday period ever… I had planned to give blogging and business a rest in December and it was a good job I did. I’ve had family and friends to stay for what now seems continuously. But hey, everyone had a great time and that is what it’s all […] More

What losing traders do

Here is a good video I have taken from the  Vince Stanzione blog. It outlines some of the main issues that new financial traders encounter, and explains how new traders don’t need too become losing traders. More

Good intentions won’t pay the bills

skinheads It seems no matter how good someone’s intentions are, they’re rarely what you want to hear. And rarely give you anything other than an unnecessary headache. Like my partners brother got one time by listening to good intentions from their mum… more on that in a minute. When I was learning the foundations of financial […] More

How to manage your trading bank

Trading Bank Your trading bank needs to be preserved at all costs. It makes no difference if you have been trading for a week or a year, that rule is law. When I first started trading using Vince’s system I paper traded for months and months. And even after that, when I finally moved onto real money, […] More

Asian handicap financial bets

Asian handicap betting Asian handicap betting is often associated with betting on football. has however introduced this type of bet to their trading platform. Now you can bet on the random markets with the added advantage of a handicap. The normal “Rise” markets have a fixed price barrier. But now if you use the Asian bet feature […] More

The safest way to test a trading strategy

For most people that are new to any sort of trading, their biggest fear is wasting their money. This is totally understandable, but you have to start somewhere and you can’t win them all. So what do you do? Use a virtual account is one option, but it’s a crappy solution really. The big problem […] More

OMG Millionaire Traders

Did you see the BBC2 documentary on last night, Traders, Millions by the minute??? Everything seemed to point at day trading. It was almost like long term trend trading didn’t exist. I mean some of the utter madness that they showed was astounding. Computer screens here there and everywhere. Investing with no actual plan, just […] More